Throughout his run, writer Peter Tomasi has created some immensely thrilling and wild adventures for Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent. In our SUPER SONS #8 Exclusive Preview, we see as the two boy heroes fight to survive in the dangerous world of Yggardis. There, they find new and dangerous threats awaiting them. We see in the preview a giant tentacle monster testing them from the moment they land on the surface. They run into some other humans while fighting this monster. These people there are battle hardened and clearly well-trained. Will this mysterious group of people prove friends or foes to our brave heroes?

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This “Planet of the Capes” arc is an exciting development for the Super Sons as they slowly learn to work together in these dangerous, tense situations that would challenge even their fathers. Robin and Superboy are beginning to become more of a formidable team as they are able to face high level threats together. Still, they have much to learn as Damian and Jon began to quarrel as soon as they hit the surface of the planet!

Both heroes to have to realize that they are much stronger together than they are apart. Jon needs Damian’s keen insight and strategic mind to guide him. Damian needs Jon’s abilities and raw powers if they hope to get off this planet. They need to learn from their father’s how to trust one another. Only then can they discover what the villain Kraklow is planning and what traps and creatures await them on this new planet. Will Jon get to return to his family? Will Damian reunite with the Teen Titans? Find out inside the pages of SUPER SONS #8!


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