The Super Sons are back, but not quite in action! Their exploits of the previous four issues have left them both grounded in this ComicsVerse-exclusive preview of SUPER SONS #5.

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The issue opens with Robin, Damian Wayne, stuck in the Batcave. We’ve all been there. Despite the fact that Robin often patrols alone, and is the unsupervised head of the Teen Titans, he is being punished for his escapades with Superboy, Jon Kent, in the previous four issues of SUPER SONS. He claims Batman grounded him just to save face, which makes sense to me since it seems unlikely Bruce would be particularly perturbed about it. We get to see more bratty Damian for a bit, whining about Superman, before in the last panel something rustles behind Damian.

The preview then cuts to Jon doing chores. He uses his super strength to bale hay, despite the terms of his grounding being strictly no-powers. I’d probably cheat too for chores. Of course, he gets caught, and we get to see some Super-parenting from Lois and Clark, which is always fun. Then Superman tells him to start packing for their move to Metropolis. Jon gets mad, saying all his friends are here and he doesn’t want to move. I guess this takes place before events in recent SUPERMAN issues make staying in Hamilton not really an option.

Jon then rips off his regular clothes, revealing the Superboy uniform, and leaps away. Superman, in a slightly creepy parenting moment, lets him go but uses his telescopic vision to keep an eye on him. Sure, he’s just being a parent here, but it makes you wonder how often Clark checks in from afar. That’s where the preview ends, and I, for one, can’t wait for Wednesday!

SUPER SONS #5 hits shelves on Wednesday, June 21st. If you want some action before that, check out the full preview below.

SUPER SONS #5 Full Preview

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