SUPER SONS #4 by Peter Tomasi and Jorge Jimenez
In SUPER SONS #4, as Damian and Jon try to find themselves as teenaged superheroes, they deal with problems from both worlds. That's breaking curfew, disrespecting authority figures, and getting into fights. Except the superhero part means they're disrespecting Lex Luthor and fighting supervillains! The art in SUPER SONS #4 works well with what the story is offering, keeping it simple and vibrant, while action packed.
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Following the theft of Lex Luthor’s Amazo armor, Jon Kent and Damian Wayne have taken it into their own hands to get the suit back. Except, Kid Amazon has captured the duo! In an exciting issue of SUPER SONS #4, written by Peter Tomasi with art by Jorge Jimenez, we see Robin and Superboy spring into action to stop Kid Amazo from taking over the world, killing his family, and killing theirs — the Justice League! There are slight spoilers ahead, so be cautious!

The Amazo Plot of SUPER SONS #4

I think the plot of SUPER SONS #4 is really engaging, with Damian and Jon as funny and relatable teenagers. It’s interesting to see Kid Amazo fight our dynamic duo and make some rookie mistakes as he reveals the entirety of his plan when he thinks he’s got them trapped.

SUPER SONS #4 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Comics.

Kid Amazo’s motivations are tragic. He hates his family, his life at home, and just life in general. His solution? To kill them and replace them with Amazo technology. He’s not far behind, having already replaced one person close to both Damian and Jon. How will the dynamic duo escape? Can Jon get free from the chains that bind them? Does Damian have a Batman-style contingency?

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The Brave and the Bold

In SUPER SONS #4, you’ll find that Damian and Jon don’t fall too far from the tree. If you’ve ever read the SUPERMAN/BATMAN run from 2003-2011, then you’ll definitely recognize them as younger versions of the Bruce and Clark. They’re almost carbon copies.

SUPER SONS #4 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Comics.

Damian has his father’s dry-wit, constantly nagging Jon for not making better use of his powers. Damian’s also taken on the whole idea of doing things on his own. Like we all know Bruce loves to do, Damian won’t pass up a chance to remind everyone “I’m Robin.” Continuing with the whole loner-angle, Damian also decided that he and Jon should track down the Amazo armor and that they could it do on their own. This doesn’t mean, however, that Damian doesn’t have a backup plan. What kind of Son of the Bat would he be if he didn’t? Batman has a contingency for everything, and so does Robin.

Similarly, SUPER SONS #4 has Jon fulfilling the same role as his father, being the boy scout of the duo. Jon would’ve rather called in Luthor to take care of the issue instead of sneaking out and solving it on their own. At the same time, Jon also finds it hard to respect Lex Luthor, and you can’t blame him either. His father’s long-time nemesis (who’s tried to kill him countless times) is now donning the suit, his family crest, and the name Superman.

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Night and Day, the Dark Tyke and Boy of Steel

Overall, I feel that in SUPER SONS #4 the two complete each other. They complement each other like night and day or like Batman and Superman. Furthermore, just become Damian and Jon are like their fathers doesn’t mean they don’t have their own distinct characteristics. For instance, they’re younger; they’re more childlike, hopeful, and happy.

SUPER SONS #4 page 8. Image courtesy of DC Comics.

They’re less refined versions of their fathers, a lot more like when they were first starting out. Damian is cockier while Jon is still more reserved, trying to preserve morals. At the same time, as they’re both pre-teen boys, they act like how you’d expect any normal teenager to — breaking curfew, sneaking out, getting into fights, and trying to take things into their own hands. Except what’s not normal is that they’re breaking curfew to fight a supervillain hellbent on changing reality as we know it. They’re rebellious against authority figures like Lex Luthor, like Damian telling him “I’m Robin, old man” when Luthor asks why that “boy” is commanding him. It’s also funny how rather than having a traditional super-powered brawl and beatdown, Jon simply trips Kid Amazo like they’re playing kickball in the schoolyard.

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Super Art in SUPER SONS #4

Jimenez’s art in SUPER SONS #4 is reminiscent of manga, with sharp lines and over-exaggerated expressions and actions. For the Amazo androids, it makes them look more robotic and cold. With Damian and Jon, it gives them life. For instance, when Damian’s confused his eyes bulge in different positions or when Damian and Jon are quarreling, you can see their frustration with and love for each other like brothers.

SUPER SONS #4 page 7. Image courtesy of DC Comics

The inking is also great, with amazing lighting and fluid movements. When there’s action, the backgrounds are dynamic, full of lines to suggest movement. The digital aspect of the coloring is great as it provides beautiful gradients and effects on every panel. Overall, I’d say that the art in SUPER SONS #4 works well with the story. While it remains relatively simple throughout the issue, the vibrant colors and lines keep it action packed!

World’s Final Thoughts on SUPER SONS #4

SUPER SONS #4 is a fantastic read with an immersive plot, fun characters, and amazing, yet simple, art. I feel that the plot is simple and something a lot of teenagers can relate to. You have two different personalities through Jon and Damian, as well as that of Kid Amazo’s. The three of them offer something different to the table that someone might be able to identify with. Although, I’d really hope they didn’t fully identify with Kid Amazo! The plot dealing with average, everyday teenager issues with a superhero twist works well for SUPER SONS, and I’ve got to commend Peter Tomasi for tying it together so well. I wholly recommend you pick up SUPER SONS #4 at your local comic book shop today!

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