The ComicsVerse gaming podcast is back and with an actual name this time! Join Psychotrip, Andy, and Josh as we discuss trending news, our favorite games, and everyone’s favorite topic: “Live Service” games!

Live Service Shenanigans

Okay if we’re being honest, we didn’t actually intend for this episode to be about Live Services. We just couldn’t escape them. Over the past few months, we’ve been assaulted with the worst kinds of service-based shenanigans. Almost every game we wanted to talk about was caught up in a monetized controversy. The Live Services came to us, whether we asked for them or not.

Live service
There’s a metaphor here…somewhere. (Image courtesy of Tools Hero)

So this bombardment of news forced us to ask some difficult questions: first off, what even is a Live Service? Is it just a buzzword? What value do they provide for the consumer? Is this “good business?” What does this tell us about the industry as a whole? That’s what we set out to discover.

In this episode, we also discuss the new MORTAL KOMBAT 11, IMPERATOR ROME, and the unbelievable price people will pay for digital trains. Meanwhile, Trip is dangerously hopped up on energy drinks. What could possibly go wrong?

Topics Discussed

  • DRAGON AGE 4 is now a “Live Service” — Yeah, you read that right. According to Jason Schreier, EA canceled the game behind the scenes, and is now rebuilding it as a “Live Service.” Will it just be ANTHEM with dragons? Is this a smart move? Or is the industry out of touch with its audience?
  • How much is too much? — The gang takes a look at some of the most expensive examples of monetization. Would you pay thousands of dollars for digital trains? When, if ever, is this acceptable? What makes DLC valuable? How much should you pay to get “all” the content in a game?
  • MORTAL KOMBAT 11 — Wait, this game has microtransactions too?! How do they affect the gameplay? Also, the gang talks about violence in video games. What makes MORTAL KOMBAT less disturbing than HOTLINE MIAMI?
  • STAR WARS: JEDI FALLEN ORDER — Finally, a game that isn’t a Live Service! But does EA deserve praise for this? What about the actual game?
  • IMPERATOR ROME — Paradox has a new strategy game! But is it any good? What sets it apart from its predecessors?

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