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On April 28th, Tribeca Games showcased an eSports first by hosting Super League Gaming — League of Legends: Battle of the Boroughs Tournament. Several days worth of qualifiers gave us two teams for each borough: Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

I had the opportunity to touch base with the Chief Commercial Officer of Super League Gaming, Matt Edelman. He gives us insight into what makes SLG and eSports special for all communities.

Amateur eSports & Super League Gaming

CV: What is Super League Gaming?

Super League Gaming is the leading company in the eSports space that enables amateur players to compete like the pros. We operate leagues for a number of game titles, with more coming soon. Right now we enable players of League of Legends, Minecraft, and most recently Clash Royale, to participate in local and national competitions.

They’re set up in a way that gives them the ability to be part of a team, get out and play together with other gamers in person. They also participate in tournaments, ultimately, to represent their city in city versus city national competitions.

Super League Gaming

CV: eSports has a lot of horror stories when it comes to companies or managers taking advantage of their players. Most of them tend to be younger adults or kids. What does SLG offer in terms of a framework for these leagues?

One of the challenges that have existed in terms of fairness and honesty in the early of days eSports, where there are not necessarily forthright participates. Going after a big financial win, in a dishonest way.

That’s one of the things that I think we are addressing. Not in terms of protecting professional players, because we operate at the amateur level. But establishing a real league operating framework. Something that has rules, that has fairness, that has a tournament operations approach.

The Positivity of Gaming

The players can trust when they enter a competition, know they are going to get a good experience. They understand that they are going to be able to progress over time through our tournaments and continue to have that joy of competition. That sense of belonging to something that’s meaningful to them.

The title they play, the place where they live and the league they participate in. We believe that the positive impact on the gaming community is going to increase dramatically and help have ripple effects along with all the other great work that is happening. Our goal as Super League is to be the largest and most comprehensive league operator for amateur eSports around the country and globally.

Battle of the Boroughs

CV: Tell me about Battle of the Boroughs.

Battle of the Boroughs was a concept we developed with the Tribeca Games group within the Tribeca Film Festival. Based on their interest and our commitment to providing unique in-person experiences for gamers. We found a format with Battle of the Boroughs that made a lot of sense to bring to New York. The borough versus borough identity being so strong across NYC.

We also have our New York Fury team, our city club for NY players of different game titles we offer through SLG. Their one of 16 city clubs we have around the country, and as you might expect, one of our most fiercely competitive teams and a really tight-knit group. By partnering with Tribeca Games we were able to bring our New York Fury players a very distinct opportunity. They got as enthusiastic as we expected. Our League of Legends New York Fury players came out for our online qualifiers a few weeks ago.

Super League Gaming

We had hundreds of players competing, representing their boroughs. That lead to the top five players of each borough. Based on their roles in League, being able to be assembled as a five-person team with a handful of alternates so that we can have five quality teams coming in to play in today’s tournament.

It’s a round robin tournament in the early rounds and the top two teams out of the round robin will end up in a final two-out-of-three competition at the end of the day.

The Future of Super League Gaming

CV: SLG recently partnered with Redbull and Logitech. What does this mean for you?

Super League’s been operating for a couple years. We’re really focused on the positivity of gaming and the benefits of bringing gamers together to play in person. As our brand has developed, we’ve refined the competitive experience and learned what really drives enthusiasm. We’ve been fortunate to have companies like Redbull and Logitech decide that they want to partner with us and have a presence in those positive, competitive game-play environments.

CV: What other SLG events can we look forward to in the near future?

Most recently we started running Clash Royale competitions. Those have started in Los Angeles. We will be rolling out Clash Royale as a full title within SLG over the next several months. It will be across all of our 16 city clubs by the end of the year. We also will have events this summer that will be around LoL, Minecraft and Clash Royale in multiple cities. The All-Star Experience in League of Legends is something we’re doing with Redbull.

Starting in June, in fact, we have an All-Star event with Redbull. It will feature the top players from our recently completed League of Legends City Champs tournament.

Future Titles With Super League Gaming

Coming soon will be Fortnite, we’re also doing some interesting testing around Rocket League, and a couple of others. We are going to be expanding beyond our 16 cities, by offering additional city clubs throughout the country. We will also be building online events that ladder into some of our physical in-person events.

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Once those online events are available it’s really open to any community of gamers to enter a competition. We’ll be partnering with venue operators all over the country, not just movie theaters, but restaurants, retail chains, LAN centers and PC cafes.

Why a Gaming League?

Being part of a community of others gamers helped in my own development as an adult. Most parents would find a league for gaming to be silly, but with the proper framework, it provides all the moral and team-based lessons that you would get in a normal sports league.

I have seen several gaming communities slow to a halt or completely fall apart for lack of a structured environment to flourish. If you or a group of gamers are interested in joining Super League Gaming, or if you would just like to keep up with their ongoing events, visit them at Super League Gaming.

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