451 Media presents an eerie and raw suspense story to readers, featuring a strong female lead who is hungry for answers. If you’re looking for a dark tale to get into this year, don’t be a skeptic to the title SUNFLOWER- this story is a mini-series guaranteed to give goosebumps.

Writer Mark Mallouk collaborates with artist Lee Carter and colorist Eugune Perez Jr. to give us the gift of SUNFLOWER. This is a story that starts out in the home of widowed mother CJ ten years after the death of her husband and disappearance of her daughter, Sunflower. This helpless and distraught woman regains hope when she receives a postcard in the mail and is convinced it was sent from her missing Sunflower. With that said, CJ starts up her once-postponed investigation and seeks answers for the origins of this postcard. What readers will learn, though, is the community in this story is resistant in giving CJ the answers she needs. Reason being, the townspeople are in fear of revealing any information that could be tracked to significant figure, Rush Bridges. We never learn why the people in this story fear Rush Bridges, but we see the impact as many turn their backs on CJ for speaking his name throughout the story.

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CJ is, however, led by a detective in the town to talk with a family who may have experienced something similar to the disappearance of her daughter. Once CJ visits the family, she learns that the kids who’ve disappeared were “marked by Anubis”. If you recall, Anubis is an Egyptian god in mythology, stemming back from thousands and thousands of years ago. This story takes a turn into a more fantasy-related route, and we learn what an Egyptian god has to do with the disappearance.

451, sunflower, mark mallouk

CJ is a strong and dominant character who builds momentum in this story through the hope of finding her daughter. Nothing drives a character more than the love and devotion to certain people in their life- that’s the kind of power we find within CJ. Her dedication in searching for Sunflower challenges her and takes her outside of her comfort zone. This is a mother’s love and divine right to do whatever it takes to protect her child.

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Even though I’ve spoken highly of her strong will and commitment in the investigation, this definitely comes from a dark place. Mallouk has done a great amount of research on parents affected by their children missing. It’s a concept and point of view that many can’t understand, but Mallouk somehow puts us in those shoes during the story.

451, mark mallouk, sunflower

There is also a strong connection between the dialogue and the art in SUNFLOWER- it’s a great mashup for a comic like this. Lee Carter gives us delicate and smooth linework throughout the series that go hand-in-hand with Euguene Perez Jr.’s gorgeous colors. If you look closely at his colors, you will see that they’re sealed together with a certain feel that seems like you can touch it, or even FEEL it. The art mirrors how emotion-driven the story is.

SUNFLOWER offers readers powerful writing, strong art and creativity. I’m beyond excited to see how the mini-series ends!

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