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Newspapers were a big part of people’s lives back in the days of print entertainment. They were how people received not only their news about Busniess, the World, Sports but it was how they had a laugh while drinking their coffee before work. Comic Strips such as Peanuts were incredibly loved during the height of the newspaper and they are coming back!

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This is The Sunday Comics Newspaper (not the final cover) - Courtesy of our Printer

The Sunday Comics is “an innovative new project that aims to change how consumers approach print and digital entertainment”. It is a revival of these newspaper comic strips, but of course, with a modern twist for these modern times. Infamous characters such as Dennis The Menace, Peanuts, Mickey Mouse, Little Nemo and Garfield are coming back  in a massive 250 page publication. This publication will be in full-color print on traditional 15″ x 22″ newspaper. It will also be available digitally on the website once it is published.

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The Sunday Comics has creators like Cannes Grand Prize Winner Bill Plympton who has not only created 40 short animated films but also animated Kanye West’s music video for “Heard ‘Em Say”. Former Disney animator Tom Bancroft, who was an animator for The Lion King, Mulan, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast, is also a part of this project that wants to bring back comic strips. Reuben Award Winner Danielle Corsetto, creator of Girls With Slingshots, and Eisner Award Winner Bill Sienkiewicz, artist for Fantastic Four and The Mighty Thor, will also be joining the team. They are ready to bring a diverse array of both new stories as well as classics to comic book readers.

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Not only is The Sunday Comics bringing back peoples favorite comic strips but they are giving back to the community. The Sunday Comics is launching a new project called “Comics for Cancer.” This program aids a research organizaition, yet to be chosen, by donating  5% of their profits. Marc Goldner, a representative of The Sundays Comics, stated that this is a very important project because all of the members of The Sunday Comics team have been impacted by cancer and want to help efforts to prevent and eradicate the disease.

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TSC exampleIn addition to the donations, they are creating a worldwide exhibition that will debut in libraries, museums, galleries, and even hospitals. The exhibition will consist of a touring of all the original art from The Sunday Comics! If you want to read more about the project or The Sunday Comics in general, head over to The Huffington Post to read an interview with Marc!

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