Task Force X is doing demolition work taking on the sinister Wall in SUICIDE SQUAD #40 by Rob Williams, Jack Herbert, and Hi-Fi. This issue is set to end the three-part arc “Shock and Awe!”

In SUICIDE SQUAD #39, Rick Flag had called upon the Suicide Squad one last time to take on the rogue government super soldier, The Wall. In that issue, The Wall managed to access Washington D.C.’s internet servers. The Wall then used his powers through the server to mind control D.C.’s civilians and hack secret government files. We realize that the Wall was looking for files pertaining to Task Force X and Amanda Waller. Why the Wall seems to have a vendetta against Amanda Waller is still unclear.   He’s willing to risk his life, however, to completely destroy Waller’s reputation.

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The Wall gives Amanda Waller the ultimate choice in this issue: does she save her life’s work on Task Force X or does she save the lives of her family? For many people, this choice would be simple but not for Waller. Waller is someone who values her service to her country above anything else and whether she’s willing to sacrifice her children for that is unclear. Waller can only hope that the Suicide Squad can somehow rescue Waller’s family before Wall kills them.

I immensely enjoy the Wall as a villain. He is the perfect Super Soldier for the Trump era. The Wall’s connection to Trump and the military-industrial complex isn’t so much as hinted as it is expressly shown. SUICIDE SQUAD #40 will have a bunch of freaks and criminal outsiders going against an image of governmental oppression.  SUICIDE SQUAD is one of the few comics where the law is almost always corrupt and authority should not be trusted. So SUICIDE SQUAD #40 definitely stays true to the themes of this title!

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