The intrigue in SUICIDE SQUAD is almost too hot to handle these days, and this preview promises to be no exception. Interestingly, while one of the twin plotlines currently running in the title picks up just where SUICIDE SQUAD #21 left off, there’s a time jump in the other. This jump creates even more suspense since we don’t know what happened during Waller’s meeting with the director of The People. SUICIDE SQUAD #22 instead opens on her storyline an unspecified amount of time later, stranded on a road in Alaska. Luckily for her, a family happens to drive by and manages not to hit her. The issue then cuts to the more action-packed plotline, featuring the actual Suicide Squad.

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After Rick Flag’s death in the battle with General Zod, Harley Quinn has assumed leadership of the team. Though she seemed reluctant, this preview shows that she’s just what the squad needs. After her seemingly bizarre order to shoot Croc at the end of the last issue, the squad seemed doomed. Deadshot certainly thinks so. SUICIDE SQUAD #22 returns to their storyline with Floyd yelling at Harley for getting them all killed. Yet Harley’s madness has a brilliant method to it.

Her plan hinges on the need for Enchantress’ magic. It’s the only way to stop the bomb, but she’s incapacitated. So how do you bring her back? How about a powerful psychic slap, like shooting her host’s love interest in the head? Yeah, that might do the trick. It does, but not without a cost. Enchantress is just a little bit pissed off that someone shot her man. Now Harley’s going to have to figure out a way to save Deadshot! Find out how it all works out when SUICIDE SQUAD #22 hits shelves on 7/26!

SUICIDE SQUAD #22 Full Preview

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