Kneel Before Zod!

The focus of SUICIDE SQUAD #17 seems to be the squad’s newest member. Unsurprising, as General Zod has the same powers of Superman. Like most of the squad, he is evil. Also like most of the squad, he’s absolutely bonkers. Favorite pastimes include incinerating Captain Boomerang and inducing the submission of inferior species. As a real charmer, he’ll fit in just great on the Suicide Squad.

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In all seriousness, this is a big step up for Amanda Waller. Getting a Kryptonian on the Suicide Squad wasn’t easy, but I’ll bet it’s worth the effort. Until he inevitably gets free and goes on a rampage, of course. The title of this arc, “Earthlings on Fire,” signals that we’ll see that sooner rather than later. I’m very excited for some more incineration action from General Zod. The rest of the squad is decidedly less excited about their newest member. Because, you know, he’s probably going to try to kill them all — again. That probably has a bit to do with it.

SUICIDE SQUAD #17 Gives Zod an Epic Introduction

All in all, the SUICIDE SQUAD #17 preview gives us exactly what you’d expect from a new character introduction. We see everyone afraid of Zod while he gleefully destroys things and shouts threats. The squad is going after another antihero team in a covert op. It’s your classic Suicide Squad issue. The side mission Amanda Waller has sent Captain Boomerang on really holds my interest. The main storyline right now revolves around the Suicide Squad versus the Annihilation Brigade, which is a terrorist version of the Suicide Squad. That seems like an all-hands-on-deck op, on top of which, Captain Boomerang was revealed to be a spy for the terrorists behind the brigade. There’s no way Waller doesn’t know since her entire character is based on knowing everything. So what is his secret mission? Find out when SUICIDE SQUAD #17 hits shelves on May 10th!

SUICIDE SQUAD #17 Preview Image Gallery

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