HEX WIVES #2 by Ben Blacker, Mirka Andolfo, and Emanuela Lupacchino
Ben Blacker is a smart story teller that keeps the reader happy and thoroughly thought provoked. Mirka Andolfo continues to show character emotion in perfect conjunction with the story and interactions between characters. Overall HEX WIVES #2 setes high standards for issues to come.
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The constant manipulation and lying continue in HEX WIVES #2 by Ben Blacker and Mirka Andolfo. We explore character development with our leading coven and their husbands. The main couple we focus on is Isadora and Aaron (refer to HEX WIVES #1 for more information on their backstory). Andolfo’s art continues to impress as HEX WIVES continues.

So This Is Love… Or Is It?

The way HEX WIVES #2 begins is unexpected. Our plot continues by showing Isadora and Aaron together, very happy and in love. Ha, well, except one part starts off beautiful-ish then turns out a little creepy and might make readers cringe a little bit (if you’ve read, you know what I’m talking about).

We’ll get to that point later. But right now, we see little tidbits of the other ladies’ and their husbands. After seeing all the households, Isadora confronts the scratching noise she’s been hearing from HEX WIVES #1 and in multiple instances in HEX WIVES #2. Let’s just say, the sight isn’t so kind on the eyes.

Isadora & Aaron; A Look Into a (Seemingly) Perfect Relationship

In HEX WIVES #1 we see Aaron, the leader of the Architects, and Isadora, the leader of the coven that’s slain generations of the Architects, are married to each other. However, Aaron treats Isadora like she hung the moon (I mean she really could have). We see Aaron doting on Isadora, telling her how lucky he is to have her, how he’s a terrible husband (of course he cries telling her this), and then BOOM weird sex scene. Oh boy, this scene. I don’t even know where to start.

HEX WIVES #2 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

I expected things to go one of two ways, either Aaron and Isadora go hot and heavy, or they follow this passionate in love theme that’s been going on and their sexual encounter is something beautiful. But no, neither of those things happened. The way Aaron approaches sex with Isadora seems normal at first, but noooo. Oh no. Since we all know their marriage is a lie, we can at least point out that Aaron’s weakness is faking his passionate love for Isadora when it comes to sex.

Ugh, talk about fragile and toxic masculinity all in the same scene, am I right? Aaron never even goes inside Isadora, yet he apologizes for “pulling out.” As Aaron apologizes to Isadora, she looks hurt and disheartened. We can’t discount how close Isadora and Aaron get (like all the way naked close), and with his actions, he rejects Isadora despite being married to her. What kind of partner dos that? Talk about putting a dent in someone’s self-esteem.

Why does Isadora not confront Aaron about this? Have they ever tried having sex in the past and it is this disheartening? I’m curious if this illustration in HEX WIVES #2 will come up again in future issues.

Ben Blacker is an Impeccable Story Teller

This needs to be addressed. I’ve never been more thought provoked, impressed, and excited about a comic series. The character development gives you so much information, and yet has you speculating about life before certain scenes you see. Like the sex scene with Aaron and Isadora or any of the other coven members.

What was life like before their marriages? I’m not talking about what’s illustrated in HEX WIVES #1, like what was life like when it was just the coven women single or dating in that current year; the time between Aaron’s father’s murder and to present day where everyone’s married. Also one big question, what is up with all the fire in Desert Canyon? The fire continuously burns yet the cul-de-sac remains in tact. There’s something up with that.

One theme that may be overlooked is how Blackers illustration the Architects. Has anyone noticed how all the men are white male evangelicals? If that’s not a perfect representation of what the real-life patriarchy is, I don’t know what is.

Attractive and Perfect Art in HEX WIVES #2

Mirka Andolfo does so well in pairing her work with the storyline. The way Andolfo portrays emotion continues to be stellar and admirable. When Aaron tells Isadora how beautiful she is, her blushing reaction is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in a comic book. Seeing her happy made me smile like a goof (in a public space).

HEX WIVES #2 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Now that we see Aaron more often, not going to lie, he’s a picture perfect looking man with his golden eyes. Woof. I hate him, but woof is he handsome. Besides Aaron being handsome, Andolfo does well in making his positive expressions look eerily genuine. Lastly, when Isadora confronts the scratching noise, the scene is dark and scary, which is perfect. Once she sees the old lady in a wheelchair, the sight is unpleasant (like plus-sized, extra saggy boobs and crazy looking naked old lady unpleasant). Andolfo has outdone herself in HEX WIVES #2.

What’s Next in HEX WIVES #3?

Honestly, with how HEX WIVES #2 starts, I’m not sure what to expect for the HEX WIVES #3. There are so many questions about the coven and their relationships, not just Aaron and Isadora’s sex life and the unhealthy emotional burden it puts on Isadora. What is it like besides the small bits we’ve seen in this issue? Now that the coven is starting to get suspicious that their husbands are hiding something from them, how fast with Blacker go into answering that question? What about the old woman? Who is she? An older version of Isadora? Who knows. We’ll just have to see.

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Stay tuned for HEX WIVES #3 coming to you in January 2019!

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