Storm Issue #7 Review: Spoilers Ahead…

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When we last left Storm, she had saved an airplane from both an attack by an arms company, Eaglestar, and from crashing. Yet issue seven opens with Storm strapped to an interrogation table—she’s been placed under arrest.

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Storm communicates telepathically with her teammates, giving them the true details of the incident, before she decides to escape, go rogue, and seek out the enemy herself. We learn that besides having ties to Yukio and the Four Clans, Eaglestar’s CEO Dan Harmon had been pronounced dead, yet somehow came back to life (or so the story goes). Now, Storm’s got the FBI on her as well as the arms company.

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Unfortunately, this last issue was not strong. Government against mutant storyline aside, the way this issue played out seemed textbook, almost like a basic spy-hero-action type of story. It’s a change in the presentation of Ororo’s mission, which could have been refreshing, but is instead common to the genre, unlike our hero. Issue #7 is a lull in what is otherwise an interesting, captivating series with a dynamic superheroine.

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