In STEVEN UNIVERSE #10, Connie has a school project due and Steven and Amethyst want to lend a helping hand! However, Connie and Steven encounter some issues when Amethyst tries to offer too much of her help.
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If you want a light-hearted and endearing read, BOOM! Studios has you covered in this issue of STEVEN UNIVERSE #10. We’ve all been there when science class assigned field research for homework. We got to look at some bugs, or fish, or whatever else might have caught our fancy. Steven’s best friend Connie might be unsure of the specific animals she wants to write about. But she has Steven tag along to find some critters for them to study on the beach. It turns out, watching animals interact and socialize in their natural habitat is a lot harder than they expected. And not exactly for the reasons they anticipated.

Steven Universe #10
Image courtesy of BOOM! Studios.

Writer Grace Kraft crafts a sympathetic look into the character of Amethyst – the main perpetrator of Steven and Connie’s setbacks. The art style this time around is similar to the official STEVEN UNIVERSE artwork. Often, it resembles screencaps from the cartoon. So look no further if you’re craving a breath of fresh air for Steven and his friends.


Fitting the Bill

Why study a regular animal when you can study any creature that the shapeshifting alien Amethyst can form into?

Steven Universe #10
Image courtesy of BOOM! Studios.

Amethyst pushes the boundaries of the duck test—if it looks, swim, and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck! Not to mention, she causes numerous mishaps for Steven and Connie by blending in with the animals they spot on the beach. Of course, the kids start to notice when a certain bird or a crab happens to be purple and have a familiar gem on their body.

Amethyst doesn’t stop the first time around. Or the second time. As good as her intentions are, her powers are not what Connie and Steven are looking for. After Connie and Steven stress this to her, she eventually yields, but not on particularly happy terms.

Under All that Ego

Amethyst may be the youngest of the Crystal Gems, the alien rebel group currently raising Steven. However, she is tough as nails when it comes to different opponents she has faced. Even then, it’s hard for Amethyst not to get upset when her talents are ignored.

Steven Universe #10
Image courtesy of BOOM! Studios.

She expresses her frustration and admits she wanted Steven and Connie to see how well she could transform. It’s easy to feel for her. Being the youngest and most inexperienced of the Crystal Gems (aside from Steven) has made her prone to vulnerability. Considering her backstory in the main series, and how deeply it has affected her self-esteem, who can blame her? Despite everything, she is nothing but resilient.

Amethyst learns that while she cannot be the animal that Connie needs to study, she can still lend a hand — or paw — in a different way.

Final Thoughts On STEVEN UNIVERSE #10

There is a very Season One feel to this issue. It could easily have been a filler episode of the show. However, it definitely doesn’t fit with the plot-oriented episodes of more recent seasons. Though the characters line up with how they’d act in the cartoon, the plot is not exactly dynamic.

Still, STEVEN UNIVERSE #10 brings back a refreshing taste of simplicity. Considering the tense arc this summer that left us on the edge of our seats, this is quite a change of pace. However, this issue is an enjoyable way to pass the time until the next StevenBomb. STEVEN UNIVERSE #10 comes across as a gentle hug that starts off the day on a good note.

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STEVEN UNIVERSE #10 also provides us a glimpse into Amethyst’s attempts to have others see her positively, in contrast to her low confidence. However, you can count on Steven and Connie to boost her spirits back up!

Catch this newest issue of STEVEN UNIVERSE, available on November 22, 2017.

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