Steve Orlando has written some of the most iconic characters in comics, from Wonder Woman to Martian Manhunter. However, the characters in GOTHAM CITY MONSTERS are a little bit different for most comic fans. Whether you’re familiar with them or not, Orlando’s take on them is most definitely worth your time.

Steve Orlando Takes on the Monsters

In our conversation with Orlando at New York Comic-Con 2019, we spoke a lot about the heart of certain characters, like J’onn J’onzz and the various ensemble members of GOTHAM CITY MONSTERS.

We also asked Orlando how his approach is different when you have an ensemble cast to work with as opposed to a more solo book like MARTIAN MANHUNTER. How does a writer decide how much time or spotlight to give each individual character?

In our discussion, we brought up a line that stood out in GOTHAM CITY MONSTERS #1. There’s a moment when Frankenstein says, “Only a fool would cry for life to a dead man.” Orlando told us how he felt about writing that powerful line, and what it says about the character of Frankenstein.

Of course, we also talked about the fantastic art team on GOTHAM CITY MONSTERS. Orlando is working with Amancay Nahuelpan (pencils and inks), Trish Mulvihill (colors), and Tom Napolitano (letters). To hear him talk about how the team works together and what the experience has been like, check out the full interview above.

We brought up to Orlando that is seems like he spins a lot of plates; he always has a new project in the works. As if on cue, shortly after our conversation, Orlando had a new book announced: Next year, he’ll be working on a graphic novel called KILL A MAN with Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Alec Morgan.

To hear more from Steve Orlando, check out the video above.

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