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Steve Orlando writes characters who kick ass, first and foremost. Sure, they do in the literal sense, nobody would question the Midnighter’s ability to beat up a room full of goons, but they also kick ass in their unabashed pride in who they are and in their own sexuality. The confidence seen in these characters is refreshing. There is no shame in who they are, which provides a cathartic thrill for the reader.

Steve Orlando dubbed his original graphic novel, VIRGIL, published by Image Comics, as “queersploitation,” a reference to the 70’s cult genre of film “blaxploitation.” Both of these genres had a clear intention: give heroes to underrepresented groups and speak to their struggles. VIRGIL is the tale of a Jamaican cop who must fight his way through to paradise to rescue his boyfriend. VIRGIL is an entertaining revenge tale, but it also sheds light on the corruption of homophobia that has infested Jamaica.

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Orlando has also masterfully brought the Midnighter into the DC Universe and succeeded in making him a distinct character in a populated universe. His first series on the character was a great deconstruction of the character’s identity, and his return to the character will reunite Midnighter with his husband Apollo. Steve Orlando shared with us his thoughts on the character’s evolution across both series.

I’ve made my thoughts on SUPERGIRL known on this site in the past, so I was excited to discuss with Steve Orlando his new book focusing on the Girl of Tomorrow. Orlando shared his insights on what makes Supergirl’s background more tragic than Superman’s and how he plans to build a new iconography for the Maid of Might.

Finally, Orlando gave his insights into how the comic industry’s queer representation has improved and how far it still has to go to provide a better view of the human spectrum.


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