ComicsVerse’s Travis Czap had the pleasure of speaking with the illustrator and art director known as Steve Geiger. Though Mr. Geiger has rarely done interviews over his amazing career, he enjoyed sitting down with ComicsVerse and letting us get to know him. He is a very talented artist and a popular one at that. Before interviewing Mr. Geiger, we encountered several enthusiastic  fans who gave him an incredible amount of praise and appreciation. Some fans could barely get their eyes off of the art at his booth long enough to let us get our interview in.

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Mr. Geiger has had a distinguished career, having served as a professional artist in the worlds of advertising and comic books for over the past twenty years. He graduated from Buffalo State University and then started his career as a comic book artist as an apprentice to one of the most well-known comic book artists: John Romita Sr. After working as his apprentice, Geiger was soon hired to the staff. Some of his work includes artwork for a few SPIDER-MAN titles, LORELEI, SAMUREE, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, BLOODSHOT, and SCION. He has also done covers such as THE PUNISHER, THE FANTASTIC FOUR, and BATMAN, and was Managing Art Director for The Marvel Entertainment Group.

Throughout the interview, Mr. Geiger discussed his time at Marvel, his charities, and the launch of this own company, The Evilgeiger Empire. The Evilgeiger Empire is a brand new entertainment development company which is dedicated to the creation, implementation, and production of original content and creator-owned characters and concepts. We at ComicsVerse are excited to see the company grow and can’t wait to see what comes next, both for it and Mr. Geiger.

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