JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #2 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson, Francis Manapul, and Marcus To features the combined forces of DC heroes and villains fighting to save reality as we know it. Questions are answered and new mysteries begin as the teams head to the various tree sites that the four Omega Titans planted!

JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #2 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Back at Home

JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #2 starts with Amanda Waller near the Fortress of Solitude, trying to figure out what’s happening on Earth, when Green Arrow arrives. He wants to know where the Justice League is and why Brainiac was attacking everyone last issue.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #2 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Meanwhile, on Colu, the various heroes and villains are fighting Colu’s security forces, who assume the Leagues are Brainiac’s pawns given their redesigned attire. Near the heroes and villains is a massive “tree.” It’s basically information that’s become solid and visible, which our team figures out is the tree of Wisdom.

From what we found out in the last issue, there are four total “trees” on the planet and whichever becomes the most dominant (there isn’t a time limit given, but based on the dialogue it seems pretty soon) becomes the winner and therefore the corresponding Titan will destroy the world.

Each of the Leagues goes to the other three sites in order to “power” the remaining trees and prevent Colu’s destruction. Back on Earth, Waller and Green Arrow figure out they have their own problems as the seed that was previously dormant became active, which means the Omega Titans are on their way.


Warning, spoilers are below!

There’s plenty to enjoy in this issue, but the dialogue and interactions steal the show. Honestly, these characters could all just be sitting around talking and it would be worth the money. Starro the Conquer probably has the best lines in the book. You read that right, the huge starfish that barely ever speaks is the highlight of the issue.

He refers to Martian Manhunter as “Marty” and it’s just such a brilliant nickname. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone call him that, and it’s amazing. Speaking of J’onn, he continues his odd friendship with Lex Luthor in this issue, which is one of those “it shouldn’t work but does” pairings.

Lex gets a chance to shine as well, becoming the voice of reason against the chaos that’s occurring.

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Besides Lex and J’onn, JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #2 has plenty of great but odd team up moments, like Lobo encouraging Beast Boy to accept his inner rage and really let the monster loose. Amanda Waller and Green Arrow also play off each other really well.

Trees of Wha?

If there is one complaint I have with the issue, it’s that of the Omega Titans themselves. As of right now, none of them have spoken, which helps build a foreboding type of ambiance. Yet they remind me a little too much like Marvel’s Celestials in that way. Considering that, a big silent space god is something we’ve seen before. I would hope that a terror locked behind the source wall might be something a little more original.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #2 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Also, the fact that each team has to go to each site and try to “even the field,” so to speak, seems strange. In some cases, it kind of makes sense, such as Team Mystery finding thousands of shrunken planets, hence a new mystery to look into. The tree of entropy, though, has that team beating up prisoners? Suffice it to say, some of the logic is a little bit of stretch, in my opinion.

Brainiac’s Fashion Walk

Francis Manapul and Marcus To do a great job with the newly redesigned characters. The costumes for each hero and villain reflect Brainiac’s design; it helps them stand out but doesn’t look too strange. I appreciate how the suits hone in on each respective tree (wonder, mystery, etc…) and the changes aren’t just purely cosmetic. The trees themselves look great in design and execution. The action is mostly good, though the prisoners of the tree of entropy look pretty generic.

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Until Next Time

JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #2 is a fantastic comic for just the character interaction alone. The writers wisely focus on some of the lesser-known heroes and villains to give them more screentime with each other. The plot keeps its momentum but some of the choices are still confusing. The art impresses with each of the new designs. Pick this book up, even if it’s just to read a giant telepathic starfish throw around some sass.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #2 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson, Francis Manapul, and Marcus To
JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #2 continues the world ending plot with some fantastic character interactions and art.
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