Vader is en route to reprimand a failed mission in this STAR WARS: VADER – DARK VISIONS #2 preview. Commander Tylux seems disappointed until one of his officers reminds him of the victories within the failed mission. However, for the Empire, there is no such thing as a consolation. Check out the preview below!


SWVader #2


Written by: Dennis ‘Hopeless’ Hallum

Art by: Brian Level

Cover by: Greg Smallwood

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THE COST OF FAILURE. To command an IMPERIAL DESTROYER is a coveted position. But with such great responsibility comes grave consequences if you fail your mission. How far will one officer go to spare himself from the judgment of DARTH VADER?

STAR WARS: VADER – DARK VISIONS #2 Preview Image Gallery

SWVader #2 SWVader #2 SWVader #2 SWVader #2 SWVader #2

SWVader #2
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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