Unexpected allies emerge in STAR WARS: THRAWN #3. The latest in writer Jody Houser’s series takes on a fresh approach as the focus shifts from our titular character. Rather, the narrative of this series’ third installment centralizes on Arihnda Pryce, a character portrayed in STAR WARS: REBELS.

She too rises in the ranks of power as Thrawn himself does. However, her motivations for power lie in a much different, darker place.


star wars: thrawn #3
STAR WARS: THRAWN #3. Page 2. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Meet the Future Governor

The story of Arihnda Pryce is a long and complex one. Yet, Houser presents her tale in a full-fledged pace. It begins when Governor Azadi of Lothal absorbs Pryce’s family mining corporation. In the process, he also has Pryce’s mother falsely arrested for embezzlement. Pryce’s motivations for power within the Coruscant government is not out of a lust for authority. Rather, it is out of revenge and justice for what her family lost from the government.

Her family has been scorned time and time again. As a result, Pryce wants to destroy the government that has caused so much suffering from within.

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Some readers may be perplexed at the fact this issue barely depicts Thrawn himself. However, Pryce’s ascent into political power parallels that of Thrawn. They differ from their peers in their motivations. They are calculated and patient in obtaining their goals, which is why they prove to be consistently successful.

Upon the end of STAR WARS: THRAWN #3, Pryce completes her ascension into the role of governor. At that point, she has made sacrifices and decisions that only a cold-hearted person could make. However, she has ultimately done what is necessary to obtain her position and redeem her ambitions.

Overall, this third installment may actually be this series’ best. It’s thrilling, well-developed, and refreshing as Houser depicts a new perspective in the tale of Thrawn.

star wars: thrawn #3
STAR WARS: THRAWN #3. Page 3. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of STAR WARS: THRAWN #3

Once again, artist Luke Ross depicts some beautiful images in the STAR WARS: THRAWN series. Each and every page is abundant with detail in their illustrations, but that detail never feels chaotic or overwhelming. My personal favorite artistic sequence in the issue is the exchange between Thawn and Pryce in the diner. Ross captures every action and reaction. He captures their calm composure, the key to their respective ascents into power. Thus, Ross excels in the cohesion and consistency of his imagery.

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Additionally, colorist Nolan Woodard presents a wonderful combination of hues throughout STAR WARS: THRAWN #3. There is a consistent vibrancy throughout. With this, the scenes taking place in the diner are subtly darker in tone, exemplifying the intense nature of the scene.

We become aware that the exchange between these two complex characters is integral to the overall narrative of the series. So, this change in tone is ultimately vital to the transition of the stories of Pryce and Thrawn.

What Lies Beyond

STAR WARS: THRAWN #3 is arguably the best of Jody Houser’s series thus far. Houser brings in a new character that has her own distinct story and motivations. Because of this, the tale of Pryce’s ascent into power further deepens the universe we engage in within this series. The juxtaposition of Pryce with Thrawn in Thrawn’s own story exemplifies the varying catalysts for power.

There is more to Thrawn’s story beyond his own history. This particular tale showcases his ability to be an influential man. At Pryce’s request, he assists her in her own, personal mission.

Of all the individuals she could have approached, she approaches him. Perhaps she understood he was not like others in power. Thrawn is not hungry for power or pride. Rather, he enjoys the calculation and the process.

Thus, Pryce and Thrawn are more alike as characters than they may openly acknowledge.

STAR WARS: THRAWN #3 by Jody Houser, Luke Ross, & Nolan Woodard
STAR WARS: THRAWN #3 centralizes on a new character who parallels Thrawn in more ways than one, therefore expanding the journey of our titular villain.
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