The notorious Star Wars villain known as Thrawn continues his ascent within the Imperial ranks in STAR WARS: THRAWN #2! After asserting his capabilities as a leader and politician in the last issue, new challenges have confronted our titular character. Interestingly, these challenges have come in the form of Thrawn’s own peers who oppose his controversial methods of problem-solving.

In this new installment of the series, these challenges only push Thrawn further. Now, he feels compelled to show his allies — and enemies — how capable he is as a commander.

So, how did this issue of writer Jody Houser’s narrative fare in regard to the series thus far?

Well, find out, right here!

star wars: thrawn #2
STAR WARS: THRAWN #2. Page 2. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Ascent of Grand Admiral Thrawn

Just like the first entry of the series, STAR WARS: THRAWN #2 presents its own self-contained tale. This isolation in each issue’s story allows readers to witness vignettes of Thrawn’s character. He is a complex figure who presents new qualities of his persona in response to different situations. So, in regard to the content of this issue’s story, we witness Thrawn exemplify his craftiness. Sure, he enjoys authority, but he is certainly not arrogant about it.

The central conflict of STAR WARS: THRAWN #2 revolves around the imprisonment of Thrawn, his aide, Eli Vanto, and some of their fellow Imperial officers. During an investigative mission regarding a cargo ship, the crew finds themselves imprisoned by some space pirates.

Though some of his comrades express anxiety in the heat of the situation, Thrawn remains calm and collected. He ultimately reveals that he planned to be imprisoned alongside his comrades in order to outsmart the enemy and better anticipate their actions. Of course, his comrades and higher-ups do not meet this plan with a positive reception. However, his plan did prove to be successful, further demonstrating Thrawn’s ability to foresee the consequences of events long before they take place.

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A Loyal Aide

The issue concludes with a woman named Culper, who is an aide to Moff Ghadi, offering Eli Vanto a job. Vanto declines, affirming his loyalty to Thrawn. Culper believes Vanto is foolish to remain loyal to an individual who is more than willing to put his crew at risk to overcome an enemy. Thus, it will be interesting to see Eli Vanto’s development throughout the rest of this series. Sure, he is incredibly loyal to Thrawn, but does Thrawn share the same sentiments?

As of now, it is hard to believe he does.

Houser depicts a Thrawn who never compromises what is going through his mind. Additionally, Thrawn’s portrayal as a stoic man propels this notion. With these levels of characterization, Houser definitely nails character development in the series thus far. It will be interesting to see what directions she is going to take the primary characters of STAR WARS: THRAWN.

star wars: thrawn #2
STAR WARS: THRAWN #2. Page 3. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of STAR WARS: THRAWN #2

The artwork of STAR WARS: THRAWN #2 is consistent and sharp. I particularly enjoy artist Luke Ross’ depiction of Thrawn. He makes the character appear intimidating yet surprisingly youthful. We are witnessing the growth of a Thrawn who still has a lot to experience. Despite his youth, though, he is not presented to be naive. His portrayal through Ross’ imagery maintains confidence, which I find to be especially fitting for his character.

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Additionally, Ross presents some beautiful backgrounds that establish a more immersive world. He is assisted by the work of colorist Nolan Woodard, who balances drab tones with the mystical colors of space. So, like the previous issue, the artwork of STAR WARS: THRAWN #2 proves to be strong.

It is a foundation for the work as a whole. With this, it wonderfully exemplifies aspects of Thrawn’s character that Houser depicts through vignettes of her narrative.

What Lies Beyond

STAR WARS: THRAWN #2 will certainly satisfy fans of the character. I look forward to the adventures Houser will bring to life in future issues of this series as we continue exploring the origins of an icon. The role of Grand Admiral Thrawn is one that is met with admiration amongst fans. It is very reassuring to know that the origins of his character are being handled with great, meticulous care.

STAR WARS: THRAWN #2 by Jody Houser, Luke Ross, & Nolan Woodard
STAR WARS: THRAWN #2 continues to excel the series' mode of characterization in regard to its titular character. As a result, readers successfully engage in the world of one of the Star Wars Universe's most notorious villains.
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