Han Solo runs into someone from his past in this STAR WARS: HAN SOLO – IMPERIAL CADET #3 preview. Beckett seems tense around Dryden Vos, and who wouldn’t be? Han is left wondering how Qi’ra ended up with the Crimson Dawn, but he’ll have to wait for answers. Check out the preview below!



Written by: Robbie Thompson

Art by: Leonard Kirk

Cover by: David Nakayama

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CASINO ROYALE! HAN SOLO gets demoted for insubordination – dragging his fellow cadets down with him. They go from flying TIE fighters to flying a giant cargo ship. Han’s expert flying cuts their cargo ship’s flight time in half, allowing them to stop at a casino for some hard-earned R&R. But Han’s fellow cadets quickly learn this little “vacation” was NOT authorized by the Empire and, thanks to Han, they’re all considered AWOL!


All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

One Comment

  1. Carlos Esteban Muñoz Zúñiga

    December 28, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    ComicsVerse, you do realize that you’re supposed to be previewing IMPERIAL CADET #3, yet your pages show SOLO #3.
    Two completely different comics.


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