A light story that tells a powerful message, perfect for young Star Wars fans.
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A true force to be reckoned with

STAR WARS FORCES OF DESTINY: LEIA is a great reminder that the STAR WARS franchise is perfect for children, even if this comic doesn’t have as much to offer to an older audience.

Despite fangirling online, STAR WARS is a franchise primarily focused on a younger audience. It’s a sweeping space opera with laser swords and giant men in bucket helmets; how is that not a childish image? STAR WARS is also owned by Disney now. As such, it’s a tad easier to see this franchise as something a kid can enjoy. I say this because STAR WARS FORCES OF DESTINY: LEIA reminded me most prominently of a children’s story. Not that that’s a bad thing by any stretch of the word. It’s a lovely tale by Elsa Charretier, but maybe not something an older member of this fanbase would readily accept.

STAR WARS FORCES OF DESTINY: LEIA and the Trouble With Tauntauns

The story begins with Han and Leia riding out on the surface of Hoth trying to find a spacecraft piece crucial to the rebellion. Unfortunately for Leia, her tauntaun gives her a hard time. He bucks her from his back multiple times and fails to go in the direction she wants him to. With the rebellion’s survival depending on this mission, Leia must learn to work with the creature and discover the true meaning of being a hero.

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So right off the bat, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when I found out that this story would primarily be one of essentially a girl and her horse/dog/any fluffy creature imaginable. The cover just shows Leia in such a strong pose, I figured she’d shoot bad guys or shout orders to her soldiers. Essentially, I thought she’d get to lead in a way we haven’t seen before. That said, the story here is an enjoyable one with a strong message.


The Power of Teamwork

We’ve all had group projects with people we disliked. Maybe they don’t do the work asked of them. Maybe they take over the project and act like it’s their idea. Regardless of individual situations, it’s still important to learn how to work with others. I like that this comic emphasizes that concept. Sometimes, the people on your team won’t mesh well with you right away. But just because someone might appear difficult doesn’t mean they’re a lost cause. Sometimes it takes trying to understand where they’re coming from to see the full picture. Once you do, then you might find you have the strongest of allies on your side.

STAR WARS FORCES OF DESTINY: LEIA reminds us of this important lesson. It never does so in an overly preachy way, no more than usual anyway. Instead, it shows a beloved character undergo a struggle everyone can relate to. By doing this, the message comes across as all the more earnest and heartfelt. Despite this comic bearing her name, however, it’s not entirely her story. It’s more of the story of the rebellion as a whole. As such Leia’s character is less dimensional than her normal self. In fact, the tauntaun by her side seems to have more personality than she does at times. Yet, that does not at all detract from the uplifting message of this story.

Courtesy of IDW Publishing

New Style For Iconic Characters

Charretier does a wonderful job making these characters look different yet similar to their movie counterparts in STAR WARS FORCES OF DESTINY: LEIA. She has a very angular way of depicting the human form. It’s actually quite interesting to see how they move and act. It feels unique enough to see this comic as it’s own thing. On top of that, Charretier uses the backgrounds of Hoth to her advantage. This snow isn’t just there as an inconvenience it feels like its own entity. Characters sink down in the snow and get trapped below the ice in breathtaking full-page images.

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For older fans, this isn’t the comic you’re looking for. Yet, for new, young ones wanting to see their favorite characters act on the page, STAR WARS THE FORCES OF DESTINY: LEIA is the perfect comic. It delivers exactly what it promises: a short adventure centered around Leia. She’s still a leader of the rebellion and a strong female character, who just needs to learn how to get along with her animal friends better.

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