Rogue archaeologist Doctor Aphra must find a way to make the best of a horrid situation in this STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #27 preview. Leia Organa features as they attempt to undo a nefarious plan. Check out the preview below!



Written by: Simon Spurrier

Art by: Emilio Laiso

Cover by: Ashley Witter

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WORST AMONG EQUALS: PART TWO! Rogue archaeologist DOCTOR APHRA has ten hours to cross a hostile megacity before the bomb implanted in her throat blows up. No big deal, right? And even if there ARE, say, insane cops and bounty hunters on her tail—she’s got a partner to help her! (Unfortunately that would be TRIPLE ZERO: the astonishingly unpleasant murder droid who yearns to see her dead)

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All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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