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The STAR WARS comics are full of characters we love seeing on the big screen and sometimes little screen. Whether they show up in THE CLONE WARS show, REBELS, or a major motion picture, fans will continue to cheer for their beloved favorite. However, the comics also show off these stellar characters in ways the big screen has been unable to. There are major moments that occur in comics that should be on the big screen or even in a show. So, with that said, here are five screen worthy STAR WARS comic moments.

1. Oneshot Star Wars Comic on C-3PO’s Red Arm

THE FORCE AWAKENS introduced us to some new characters and of course the classics. One of those classics, C-3PO, was displayed with a new arm. In the movie, we see the talkative protocol droid have a red left arm. J.J. Abrams primarily did this to harp back to the A NEW HOPE when 3PO had a silver right leg. At the time of the movie release, we were not sure why the character had a red arm, but soon after we received a comic.

3PO loses his arm in his Star Wars Comic
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C-3PO released April 13, 2016. It was a one-shot comic to explain the backstory of the mysterious red arm. 3PO and several other droids crash land onto the planet. All of their human counterparts have died, but the mission to save Admiral Ackbar is still a priority. That said, many of the other droids are killed off by environmental hazards such as spice spiders. One of the other droids sacrifices himself because he is sick of his mind being wiped and he believes death is the only solution.

3PO’s arm is ripped off by one of the creatures but is saved by the sacrificial droid. The fan-favorite droid then decides to wear the red arm in memory of the droid who sacrificed himself for the rest. It is quite a touching story because it dives into the psychology of droids in the Star Wars universe. After all, they do have their own thoughts and feelings.

2. Darth Maul Escapes from Palpatine

THE CLONE WARS show is beloved by many for several reasons. One major reason is the return of the Zabrak sith, Maul. Darth Maul was very cool in THE PHANTOM MENACE, but fans didn’t receive a lot from him. Luckily, George Lucas made the decision to have the character be cut in half so that he had a chance of returning. He did and fans are very thankful! Maul rises to power on Mandalore in the animated show, who is then captured by Palpatine because the rule of two still applies. Due to the show’s last season being canceled (which is now returning), Maul’s fate was not clear. It wasn’t until we got the comic book series DARTH MAUL: SON OF DATHOMIR when we found out his fate.

Maul escapes Palpatine's grasp in his Star Wars Comic
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Maul’s remaining Mandalorian allies assisted in his escape. Palpatine had been holding him for torture and questioning by Dooku. The Mandalorians were able to rescue the former sith and they fled to Dathomir. Palpatine then orders General Grievous and Count Dooku to follow with a droid army. Maul’s home and Mother Talzin is killed in the battle. Maul barely escapes with his life. Due to this comic already being released, I doubt we will see it in the last season of THE CLONE WARS, but one could hope. It reveals a lot of Maul’s remaining story and the fate of Mother Talzin herself.

3. Captain Phasma Escapes Starkiller Base

Captain Phasma has the name and the look of a badass, but THE FORCE AWAKENS and subsequently THE LAST JEDI dropped the ball on giving this character an amazing scene. This is upsetting because her novel STAR WARS: PHASMA reveals that she is a formidable person willing to do anything to progress her life’s quality. When Han and Finn threw her into the trash compactor, many believed that was the end of “chrome dome” but she made it out and now we know how.

STAR WARS: CAPTAIN PHASMA shows us what the captain will do to clear her name. After leaving Starkiller Base, she must clear her codes from the system so the First Order doesn’t recognize her as the one lowering the shields. Luckily, a first order officer had used the same console minutes before she did and she decided to frame him. So, with the officer having committed treason, Phasma is off to kill the man.

This comic shows the brutality Phasma is willing to go through to clear her own name. She manipulates an alien race to forward her plan and she even has to kill an imperial pilot after assisting her because the pilot found out who really lowered the shields. It is a stellar comic with a badass character.

4. Darth Vader Constructs His Iconic Lightsaber

Darth Vader is Star Wars’ most iconic villain and paired with him is an iconic weapon. Vader’s lightsaber is seen throughout the movies slashing through rebels and cutting off hands. The comic series DARTH VADER: DARK LORD OF THE SITH explores Vader right after he screams “No” in REVENGE OF THE SITH. The comic series is an extensive one and includes big milestones such as the creation of the Inquisitors.

Darth Vader: Lord of the Sith in his Star Wars Comic
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However, the most screen worthy moment in the series occurs in issue 12. Vader constructs his iconic saber. Vader is sent to a kill a Jedi because Palpatine is in need of a new saber. The Sith lord ends up killing the Jedi and taking the saber, but the hilt is destroyed by assassins sent to kill Vader. He is able to escape and he is provoked to create his own hilt. He crafts his own saber which Palpatine is impressed with. The moment is truly wonderful to read and see. Vader’s lightsaber is one of the most famous so seeing it being crafter is a momentous moment.

5. Darth Vader learns the name of Luke

The biggest reveal of all time was when Darth Vader stated, “I am your father” to Luke in EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Everyone freaked out at the thought of the Sith being this farmboy’s father. It was truly an amazing moment to watch unfold on the big screen. The comic book series, STAR WARS: DARTH VADER has a similar moment leading up to this point in time.

Vader cracks his viewport in his Star Wars comic
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Set after the events of A NEW HOPE, Vader is on a quest to find out who the boy on the Death Star was. He hired the bounty hunter Boba Fett for the job. Boba Fett tracks Luke to Tatooine where they fight before Luke gets away again. Boba Fett didn’t leave empty handed though. The bounty hunter returned to Vader who was displeased with his work.

Boba Fett informed Vader of the boy’s name: Skywalker. Darth Vader is flooded with emotions. He grows in anger causing the viewport to crack in front of him. This moment in the comic is massive because it, later on, sets up for EMPIRE STRIKES BACK reveal. We also get a glimpse into the conflict Vader has within him from his past. It is a stellar read.

Star Wars Comics to Come

STAR WARS comics will continue to produce stellar moments like the aforementioned ones. The listed comic moments above reveal huge plot details between movies or shows that really should have made it to the screen. Some fans will only watch the shows and movies rather than read the comics. Placing these moments on the screen will give them a wider audience. The comics will continue to produce fun stories, compelling characters, and gorgeous worlds to explore. The movies will be taking a break after THE RISE OF SKYWALKER so the comics and the upcoming shows will need to hold us off until then.

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