Star Wars Comics by Jason Aaron

STAR WARS comics fans everywhere have fallen in love with Jason Aaron’s stellar 36 issue run on the famed comic book series. From issue #1, Aaron has displayed nothing but a deep love for the source material. With every issue, Aaron has transported us deeper into the galaxy far far away than ever before. For the first time, we have seen Luke Skywalker learning about what being a Jedi means. We have glimpsed the growing affections between Han and Leia. Also, we paid witness to the terrifying might of the Galactic Empire and its chief enforcer, Darth Vader. Jason Aaron has developed the new STAR WARS comics canon into something feasible and dutiful to all that came before. Sadly, though, every era must come to an end. With the upcoming STAR WARS #37, Jason Aaron will be leaving the series, passing the torch onto DARTH VADER alum Kieron Gillen.

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To honor Aaron’s acclaimed run, Marvel developed a tribute video showcasing the covers of past STAR WARS comics. From VADER DOWN to THE SCREAMING CITADEL, all of Aaron’s most influential titles are collected here. All of this is in anticipation of issue #37, Aaron’s final issue, to be released on October 4. In this coming issue, the members of the Empire’s Scar Squadron undertake their deadliest mission yet. This explosive issue will be the perfect last call for Aaron’s fast-paced series.

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While Aaron will be missed by fans worldwide, Gillen has proved himself a worthy successor. Kieron Gillen famously authored the moment in which Darth Vader learned about being Luke Skywalker’s father from bounty hunter Boba Fett. Gillen, also the author of Image Comics’ THE WICKED AND THE DIVINE, is well-known for high energy, introspective stories, and his work will be a welcome addition to the new STAR WARS canon.

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