JOURNEY TO STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI - CAPTAIN PHASMA #2 By Kelly Thompson, Mario Checchetto, and Andres Mossa
Kelly Thompson, Mario Checchetto, and Andres Mossa are triumphant once again with a JOURNEY TO STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI - CAPTAIN PHASMA #2! This comic is packed with incredible art, an intriguing story, and an engrossing setting which lets you fully appreciate the STAR WARS galaxy.
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Traveling Far Far Away

STAR WARS has one of the most diverse and intriguing universes of any franchise. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, STAR WARS proves that there are still thousands of new worlds to explore. Kelly Thompson, Mario Chechetto, and Andres Mossa’s new comic, JOURNEY TO STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI – CAPTAIN PHASMA #2, takes the reader to the farthest reaches of the Galaxy. This issue has an overall exploitative vibe as our heroes witness visually spectacular sights and new civilizations on their journey on a forgotten planet. Through this journey, we not only get to learn a lot about this new planet but also the characters, most obviously the eponymous Captain Phasma.

STAR WARS: CAPTAIN PHASMA #2 pg. 2. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Kelly Thompson continues to do a terrific job with this comic. She tells an intriguing, captivating story that takes place right between the events of THE FORCE AWAKENS and THE LAST JEDI. Mario Chechetto and Andres Mossa add a fantastic vibe to this comic with stunning and interesting art throughout. After reading CAPTAIN PHASMA #2, I will repeat my claim that this is the best STAR WARS series currently on the shelves.

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A Forgotten Corner Of The Galaxy

In the last issue of CAPTAIN PHASMA, we learned how the First Order commander broke out of the trash compactor she was left in at the end of THE FORCE AWAKENS and then how she escaped from Starkiller Base. However, Phasma discovers that Lieutenant Rivas has the information which proves that Phasma betrayed the First Order by shutting down the Base’s shields. Determined to hide her treason, Phasma chases Rivas through space alongside the loyal pilot TN-3465 and adorable droid BB-9E.

STAR WARS: CAPTAIN PHASMA #2 pg. 4. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The hunt for Rivas leads Phasma to the isolated planet of Laprora, a world with an unstable environment. The climate has become out of control, and the seas have started rising (sounds like another planet I know). For the people of this world, it is a struggle to survive. Laprora is one of the great takeaways of this comic. Where many STAR WARS planets in recent years have become kind of bland (you have your desert ones and your ice ones), Laprora has enough diverse environments and captivating landscapes to feel like a fully formed planet.

Then there are the tentacle creatures known as the Tsw’ells which overrun Laprora. STAR WARS has always had a great cast of monsters, and I’m glad to say the Tsw’ells are one of them. Unlike the similar Rathtars which just seemed cheesy, the Tsw’ells fit in and add to the environment of Laprora. They manage to fill this comic with a sense of terror. In Laprora, Kelly Thompson, Mario Chechetto, and Andres Mossa add enough lore to this issue to make any STAR WARS fan giddy.

The Rogue Soldier

While the setting and story are great in CAPTAIN PHASMA #2, most people are interested in the person whose name is in the title. For those who are interested in knowing more about the woman behind the mask of Phasma, this is not the book for you. For those who want to know more about Phasma’s backstory, I would recommend the novel PHASMA by Delilah S. Dawson. Kelly Thompson’s book centers much more on the strong, defiant nature of Phasma. But that doesn’t mean that there is no character development whatsoever.


To truly understand a character, you don’t have to learn every single part of their backstory. With certain iconic characters like the Joker or Darth Vader, as soon as they step onto the screen with their distinctive costumes, the audience already understands a lot about who their character is. This is the same with Captain Phasma in this issue. She is an incredibly badass and determined soldier for the First Order. We see this most clearly when she fights a Tsw’ell singlehandedly. It is important to remind readers that Phasma is a force to be reckoned with. Kelly Thompson does an awesome job of showing us why Phasma is the First Order’s prized soldier.

However, I think there’s an underlying vulnerability to Phasma. We only see her in armor and with a mask on. As we see with Vader, Kylo Ren, and Boba Fett, masks are a symbol in STAR WARS. They represent the desire to try to hide something about yourself. Phasma wants nobody to know who she is underneath. She is afraid of what people will think when they see her for what she truly is.


If there is one word I would use to describe the art in CAPTAIN PHASMA #2, it would be detailed. Mario Checchetto, alongside his extraordinary colorist, Andres Mossa, takes care to fill every panel with heaps of detail. This helps expand the world that CAPTAIN PHASMA is exploring. Checchetto spends a lot of time rendering each rock formation and each drop of water on Laprora. Mossa adds rich color to every panel giving this comic an expansive and open feeling. This has the result of making Laprora not feel flat but like a genuine habitat in this galaxy.

STAR WARS: CAPTAIN PHASMA #2 pg. 13. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The underwater fight sequence in this comic is also utterly riveting. Mossa uses a gorgeous bluish palette to depict water coming off of the Tsw’ell as it snares its arms around Phasma. Meanwhile, Checchetto draws the full scale of this monstrosity as its arms swing across the ocean creating waves that ripple to the surface. A weaker artist would just show the arm of the creature pulling Phasma into the Tsw’ell’s mouth. The Tsw’ell is so large that Checchetto has the creature encompass the whole page. This is an extremely effective way of drawing this scene. It alerts the reader of the full breadth of danger that Phasma will have to defeat. It makes it more exciting to see how our Captain can defeat such a great force.

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Final Thoughts

CAPTAIN PHASMA has all of the elements you would want to see in a STAR WARS comic. It has enthralling action, beautiful landscapes, a fun story, and rich characters. I really hope that Rian Johnson worked with Kelly Thompson on this comic when working on THE LAST JEDI. This comic proves that Phasma is too good of a character to make into a plot point once again. We deserve to see why Captain Phasma is such a great adversary for our heroes. Kelly Thompson, Mario Checchetto, and Andres Mossa do an amazing job showing us that in CAPTAIN PHASMA #2!

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