STAR WARS #34 by Jason Aaron and Salvador Larroca
Finally, in STAR WARS #34 we get an issue starring Sana Starros, the great new character introduced towards the beginning of this arc. This issue is an enjoyable adventure in the smuggling world as Sana teams up with Lando to swindle a bunch of gangsters and Imperials.
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Blasters Galore!

Jason Aaron is two and half years into his Marvel run on STAR WARS. It is understandable that after this much time, some of the adventures get repetitive. While STAR WARS #34 is another issue where smugglers do a job and evade Imperials, this comic is still thoroughly enjoyable. This is because it includes relative newcomer Sana Starros and fan favorite Lando on a fun escapade that is a blast to read.

STAR WARS #34 pg. 3. Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Aaron provides sharp wit, a clever plot, and fun character dynamics in this issue. The art by Salvador Larroca isn’t as consistent as it was in the last issue but it still meshes well with Aaron’s style of writing. Overall STAR WARS #34 is an entertaining diversion from the usual struggles of the Rebellion fighting the Empire.

Sana Starros — Not Just Han Solo’s Ex-Wife

The primary reason why this issue works is because of Sana Starros. Most people who have heard of her know her as Sana Solo. In STAR WARS #6, she first appeared and was introduced as Han Solo’s ex-wife. This revelation lit the whole internet on fire before it was revealed several issues later that the marriage was only part of a smuggling job.

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I refuse to call Sana “Sana Solo” because we should not designate her only as “Han Solo’s Ex-Wife.” Jason Aaron has shown us that she is a strong character on her own who doesn’t need to be defined by her relationship with the famous smuggler. This issue further cements her position as one of the great new characters in the current STAR WARS canon.

STAR WARS #34 pg. 14. Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

In this comic, Sana steals a crate of blasters away from an Imperial Star Destroyer. She decides to make money off her robbery by selling the blasters to mercenaries called the Kraug. She then tells the Imperials, who are unaware of who robbed the Star Destroyer, that the Kraugs have the blasters. They pay her Galactic credits for her information. This comic follows Sana crossing and double-crossing every single faction she meets. It’s incredibly amusing to read and also speaks volumes about Sana’s intelligence.

But Sana is more than just a roguish swindler. Previous issues have shown, as does this one, that there is a quiet nobility to Sana. This is why she now gets along so well with Princess Leia.  After the success of this year’s STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA, I think it’s more than fair to say that we need a new Sana Starros series.

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An Interesting if Unnecessary Relationship

One thing that was a bit odd about this issue was the inclusion of Lando. He had almost no relevance to the plot besides having a good back and forth with Sana. Not that I’m complaining. Lando is one of the most engaging and captivating characters in the STAR WARS universe. Every comic he has appeared in has benefited from his presence. His appearance in this comic just seems a little more forced, and Sana totally overshadows him. Nonetheless, seeing their relationship play out is great. Especially as Lando spends most of this issue in awe of Sana’s fast thinking and suavity.

STAR WARS #34 pg. 10. Image Courtesy of DC Comics

Another nitpick in this comic is the art by Salvador Larroca. Larroca draws many of his characters’ faces in a photo realistic, three-dimensional style. I thought this style worked really well in the “Yoda’s Secret War” arc because that story needed to be totally different artistically since it was divergent from the rest of the STAR WARS comic storyline. However, Larroca’s art in this issue often distracts from the storyline since the realistic images of Lando’s face often don’t coincide with the more cartoonish drawings in the background. Other times in the comic characters’ heads will appear overly large and bulgy. It doesn’t make for an awful issue or even overall bad art; it’s just a factor that makes this issue weaker than the best comics in Jason Aaron’s STAR WARS.

Final Thoughts for STAR WARS #34

Fans of the Galaxy Far Far Away will enjoy the schemes of Sana Starros in this issue. The relationship of Starros and Lando is among the best parts of the comic. However, the repetitive plot and the sub-par art make STAR WARS #34 a forgettable, though fun, read in the STAR WARS universe. Hopefully Jason Aaron will switch up his style sooner or later, but for now, revel in the brilliance of Sana Starros and her ally Lando Calrissian.

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