CBS today released the first STAR TREK DISCOVERY trailer for season 2 today at San Diego Comic Con. They have since kindly put the trailer on YouTube for those of us not lucky enough to attend SDCC. We also learned that the show will return in early 2019… so we still have some time to wait.

Now that we have the STAR TREK DISCOVERY trailer, though, we can speculate on what’s to come for our heroes on the USS Discovery.

Where We Left Off

It’s been a few months since STAR TREK DISCOVERY ended its first season, so the details might not be fresh in your mind. Let’s refresh our memories, shall we?

Michael Burnham, mutineer, science officer, and Vulcan-raised human, has managed to avert crisis after crisis. After rescuing the Discovery crew from the Mirror Universe, Burnham works with her crew to end the Klingon war and prevent the genocide of the Klingons at the hands of the Federation. She succeeds with hope and verve and reminds the Federation what they are truly about. In the process, she overturns her mutiny conviction.

Star Trek Discovery: Looking Through The Mirror at a Stellar Season

Things seem great for Burnham, now returned to the Discovery as a full-fledged officer, rather than a disgraced semi-prisoner. That is until the final scene reveals a familiar ship… the USS Enterprise, the focal point of THE ORIGINAL SERIES. We’re left to wonder just what is up with the Enterprise. What fresh havoc will they bring the Discovery?

There were many questions in fans’ minds after the finale. STAR TREK DISCOVERY takes place 10 years before TOS, which means we’re not going to be seeing the original crew (Kirk et. al.), but Spock should be on board. There’s added drama because Burnham was raised by Spock’s family, so there’s some familial tension there.

And, how will STAR TREK DISCOVERY integrate with the larger STAR TREK world? Will this be an original timeline or Kelvin timeline? Does it even matter, since the show takes place before the events of STAR TREK (2009)?

What We Learned In The STAR TREK DISCOVERY Trailer

So, we had a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. Now that we have a STAR TREK DISCOVERY trailer, we have… well, still not a lot of answers. But we have some answers, and we can speculate on others. So, here’s what we learned!

In terms of what drama the Enterprise will bring, we know that Christopher Pike, captain of the Enterprise, is commandeering the Discovery. This is interesting because there were a lot of captain issues in season 1 of STAR TREK DISCOVERY. Gabriel Lorca turned out to be a villain from the Mirror Universe. Philippa Georgiou died and was replaced by her Mirror equivalent. Burnham’s mutiny bumped her down the chain of command.

Star Trek Discovery trailer
Courtesy of CBS.

So, how will the addition of Pike shake things up? The Discovery has been through hell together, and have formed a tight-knit community. Commander Saru is currently in charge and has earned the respect of his crew. How will they take Pike’s interference? It remains to be seen, though some crew look excited at the thought of more adventures.

Why is Pike there? It turns out that the Federation has identified some strange happenings in space: mysterious red lights, spread wide through space. They need to investigate, because they have no way of knowing what the lights are. Pike posits that they may be a friendly greeting or a declaration of war. The Discovery, being a science vessel and the most technologically advanced in the fleet, is the ideal choice to carry out this investigation.

Mr. Spock

One of the biggest questions fans had after the finale was if we would see Spock, one of the biggest characters in the STAR TREK universe. We know that, at this time, Spock is serving on the Enterprise. So, it would make sense for him to show up. Given what happened in season 1 — Burnham has some issues due to her being raised by Spock’s father, Sarek — it would be interesting to see them interact.

However, we learned in the STAR TREK DISCOVERY trailer that there’s more drama ahead for Spock. In fact, he seems primed to be one of the biggest mysteries in season 2. A brief conversation between Pike and Burnham reveals their connection through Spock. It also reveals that Spock has taken a leave of absence from Starfleet. Pike says it’s because Spock found a question he couldn’t answer. How cryptic.

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Burnham speculates that Spock is somehow connected to the mysterious red lights. It’s not explained how he is connected; does Burnham mean that he discovered the lights? Or is he somehow connected to the source of the lights? I’m betting that Spock’s connection to the lights is going to be a big plot device.

Burnham also declares that Spock needs their help, so he should be a big presence. Whether or not he appears on-screen is still yet to be seen. If so, I’m curious — will they bring back Zachary Quinto? Or recast Spock? We’ll have to wait to find out.

What’s Up With Burnham?

There’s also something mysterious going on with Burnham. She has been through a lot. Season 1 was rough on her, but she grew and developed as a person. I’m hoping they don’t undermine that in season 2, but a show wouldn’t be interesting if the protagonist stayed the same.

Michael Burnham Is The Black Heroine We Need

The STAR TREK DISCOVERY trailer begins with Burnham having some sort of experience. It’s unclear exactly what’s going on, but she looks almost drugged, or as if she is having a serious religious experience. I’m wondering if whatever is going on with Spock is going to affect Burnham as well. (That would provide some excellent drama for Sarek.)

Here’s hoping that Burnham can sort out whatever is going on with her and continue her growth as a character.

Looking Good

The STAR TREK DISCOVERY trailer also looks fantastic. STAR TREK DISCOVERY was one of the most aesthetically beautiful shows of the year, and it seems like season 2 isn’t going to let us down. The trailer opens with stunning shots of space, then transitions to a ship in warp flight (something we didn’t see much of in season 1, due to the Discovery’s unique spore drive transit style).

star trek discovery trailer
Courtesy of CBS.

Upon arrival to the Discovery, Pike and his associates are rocking some classic TOS-style uniforms, in contrast to Discovery’s crew attire. Plus, there are plenty of J. J. Abrams lens flares to connect us to the recent STAR TREK films. There also look to be several daring action sequences to keep the heart pounding.

Get Hype for STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 2!

All in all, the STAR TREK DISCOVERY trailer for season 2 looks great. The introduction of Captain Pike and the Enterprise connects the show to the larger TREK universe, while also providing a nice touch of nostalgia.

star trek discovery trailer
Courtesy of CBS.

We see faces both familiar and new in the STAR TREK DISCOVERY trailer. Cadet Tilly — a personal favorite — is back, along with Saru, Stamets, and the old favorites from season 1. At the same time, the Enterprise crew opens up a whole new world of characterization.

Plus, the crews will have very different feels, since the Discovery is a unique ship. I for one can’t wait for STAR TREK DISCOVERY to return, and I hope it really is early 2019. I’ll even reactivate my CBS All Access account because it’s worth it for more STAR TREK DISCOVERY goodness.

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