STAR-LORD #6 arrives this week to conclude “Grounded.” As this story arc ends, the beginning of a new journey for our titular hero begins. After the startling action-filled conclusion of last issue, we are given an ending full of reflection, condolences, and questions. All of this wraps up Peter Quill’s journey of redemption and morality that will no doubt tie into the future. STAR-LORD #6 is an issue that deals with some heavy issues while also providing humor and hope for our hero with a fitting end.

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STAR-LORD #6 is Peter’s New Lease on Life

STAR-LORD #6 begins with Peter having a startling vision of death. No doubt, this is related to the passing of his dear friend, Edmund, in last month’s issue. With Edmund’s funeral, both his son, Gregory, and Peter are grieving and learning to cope. Along the way, loose ends are tied up as Peter has a meeting with Ms. Javelynn after helping to save her life. Simultaneously, Gregory receives one final parting gift from Edmund, adding on to the already somber mood of the comic. These core events present an issue focused on recovery, growth, and acceptance with one’s past and grievances.

Star-Lord #6
Image from STAR-LORD #6, courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

STAR-LORD #6 is a well-earned reprieve given the chaotic events of “Grounded.” It finally allows Peter to breathe after the whirlwind of events he’s endured since the first issue. Although Star-Lord and the rest of the Guardians are known in most media as being comedy oriented, writer Chip Zdarsky has shown there is more to Peter Quill than jokes and quips. It’s been entertaining to see Peter go back to basics on Earth with none of his accolades. He still gets into humorous settings and action sequences, but Zdarsky makes it clear that’s not the focus. He becomes a better person for himself and his supporting cast, and that’s where Zdarsky’s STAR-LORD shines.

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Artwork With a Strong Send-Off

A key highlight in STAR-LORD #6 is a conversation between Gregory and Matt Murdock after Edmund’s funeral. Edmund leaves him the suit he used as a criminal, a sad moment when coupled with Matt’s speech about loss. Artist Kris Anka and colorist Matthew Wilson add to the poignancy of this scene with their visuals that make excellent use of lighting and shading. These details are notable in the scene where Gregory attempts to put on Edmund’s suit. The visual of him putting on the boot, then staring down and laughing gives a needed optimistic feeling to the scene. The opening dream sequence in the issue is also presented beautifully. The detailed art of a defeated Peter and his assailant, combined with the vibrant colors present in the environment, create an engaging sequence. The art of STAR-LORD has been incredible since issue one, adding to the already spectacular story.

Star-Lord #6
Image from STAR-LORD #6, courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

STAR-LORD #6 is a spectacular end to a strong story arc. It managed to portray growth and maturity wonderfully amongst Peter and the supporting cast. In addition, it is also the beginning of a new chapter in Peter’s life with many possibilities. From Peter’s future as a hero, to Ms. Javelynn’s new business ventures, and even Gregory’s next step from emotional recovery, the sky is the limit as to where the cast ends up next. The STAR-LORD series is something that should not be passed up, so pick it up while it’s fresh.

STAR-LORD #6 is a phenomenal conclusion to the book's first arc, leaving doors open more more growth and new adventures.
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