After the stunning cliffhanger last issue, STAR-LORD #5 comes back with near non-stop action, as the events of the Grounded story come to a head. Continuing with the expanded efforts on all fronts to save Gregory while Star-Lord and friends conduct a calculated assault, this issue brings out all the action and quick quips to keep you entertained from start to finish. Crafted carefully and meticulously throughout, STAR-LORD #5 cements itself as the best in the series so far.

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Picking up from where we left off with Gregory being kidnapped, we find Peter and Edmund doing Black Cat’s bidding to free him. Of course, our damaged heroes have a plan of their own to free him behind her back, calling in support and backup from the likes of Logan, Daredevil, Alpha Flight, and even some B-list villains. While Peter and Edmund are going through with their decoy heist, Black Cat goes through with her plan of taking out none other than Ms. Javelynn from the previous issues of the series. This is when the multi-fronted effort comes into play, where we have Logan assisting Javelynn in staying alive, while Daredevil assists in finding the missing Gregory. All of these astounding elements and pieces to the story culminate in a rooftop showdown that leads to a startling conclusion.


With so many threads to keep in mind and connect together which lead to the story’s climax, writer Chip Zdarsky outdoes himself. The bar fight scene involving Javelynn and Logan is expertly crafted, creating an intense and fun scene that only gets better as it progresses, especially when Shocker and other villains come into play. Each quip and show of wit add to the fun of the fight, making it extremely entertaining. Simultaneously, we have Peter and Edmund’s plan for their heist unfold, which works seamlessly with the rest of the issue, as their own emotional stakes rise. Even the quick moment of Daredevil attempting to rescue Gregory is executed well, as it shows an intense moment that transitions smoothly with a comedic beat as Daredevil enters the room. As the story itself begins to draw to a close, the emotion shifts from being fun and energetic, into something more serious and dramatic, having you on the edge of your seat until the last minute.

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Kris Anka delivers in this issue with each amazing sequence, from the theft and quick fight at Javelynn’s lair to the bar fight scene. Each hit and swipe performed by a character feels intense and close, making you almost hear each movement in your head as you’re reading. Each character in STAR-LORD #5 shows emotion through everything they do, particularly with Peter and Edmund, who share the brunt of expressing multiple feelings and changes as the issue progresses. Colorist Matthew Wilson also deserves praise for being able to make the settings for each scene really pop, especially during the bar fight. His colors during pivotal strikes in the fight make the scenes stand out and add to the intensity of each movement. The engaging art in STAR-LORD #5 contributes to making this well-executed story even higher than the impressive level it was already on.


STAR-LORD #5 is without a doubt the best issue in the series, engrossing the reader from start to finish with thrilling action and emotional stakes, combining all the elements from previous issues to create its climactic conclusion. With only one more issue left in the Grounded story arc, the conclusion looks to be one that will hit you right where it matters, with the actions and consequences of this issue painting a picture of what’s to come. If you haven’t gotten on board with Zdarsky and Anka’s STAR-LORD yet, now’s the time to grab it and get started.

STAR-LORD #5 comes at you with full on action and suspense, cementing itself as the best in the series with more in the tank.
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