SQUIRREL GIRL #30 by Ryan North, Erica Henderson, Rico Renzi, and Travis Lanham
SQUIRREL GIRL #30 is full of action, and we get to learn more about who Squirrel Girl and Nancy are as people. The illustration uses detail to emphasize key points of the comic, and the coloring is striking to look at. Overall this issue is definitely worth the read!
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Want to bring peace to over 70 different alien races in one day? No problem. At least, no problem if you’re Squirrel Girl. SQUIRREL GIRL #30 shows us Squirrel Girl’s primary mission: to make peace. Not every superhero does this in their attempts to serve justice, but Squirrel Girl manages to succeed in both. Ryan North takes Squirrel Girl and Nancy’s characters to new heights, in addition to Erica Henderson and Rico Renzi’s visuals captivating the reader to the very end.

How It Went Down

We are dropped in SQUIRREL GIRL #30 after the Silver Surfer’s name has been cleared from the crimes of space grifters in body paint. The only problem left? Over 70 alien races had banded together to kill the Silver Surfer, interrupting all of the wars between these races. With no common enemies, what’s to stop them from battling it out right then and there? Squirrel Girl, that’s what. In SQUIRREL GIRL #30, the negotiations begin. Squirrel Girl determines that she can solve all of the problems between these alien races, thus saving countless lives. While she begins deliberations, Nancy decides to have a look around for the Power Cosmic that would have allowed the alien armada to kill the Silver Surfer. Once she finds it, Nancy decides to take matters into her own hands.

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Squirrel Girl Saving Everyone

SQUIRREL GIRL #30 gives us a lot of information about the characters. In this issue, we see Nancy nearly kill the grifters who had conned so many planets. Seeing such an amicable character in this light is shocking and, above all, interesting. We also see Squirrel Girl elaborating on her moral code and standing up for it before Nancy can make an irreversible mistake. Ryan North gives us these aspects of their characterizations so clearly that the readers are hooked and invested in their development.

Squirrel Girl’s characterization is fascinating. We already know that Squirrel Girl does what is right, but we never knew how far she would go to do so. When Squirrel Girl finds out what Nancy is about to do, Squirrel Girl appears before her to stop her. Her refusal to let Nancy harm the grifters shows that she honestly believes they do not deserve to die and that she doesn’t want to let Nancy become a killer. Even though Squirrel Girl had been determined to harm the Silver Surfer in the last issue, in SQUIRREL GIRL #30, Squirrel girl reclaims her moral grounds. She ensures that what is done is what is right.

Nancy Fights in SQUIRREL GIRL #30

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

SQUIRREL GIRL #30 captures the reader and doesn’t let go until the very end. The plot shows us how chaotic things can and have become. When Nancy comes close to killing the Space Grifters we are left worried and wanting to know what will become of Nancy. With readers in such suspense over this, this point of the story is undoubtedly pivotal and enrapturing.

Near the end of the issue, Nancy merges with the Power Cosmic. After doing so, she finds that she has the power to deliver punishment unto the con men who had caused so much trouble for her, Squirrel Girl, and all of their friends. The only problem is she takes it a bit too far. While aware that the Power Cosmic could very well kill the space grifters, she becomes determined to punish them. In this moment we become frightened to see such a familiar and kind character become so carelessly violent. This is not the Nancy we know and love, and it is the shock over this and the fear of what she might become that keeps us reading.

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Silver and Squirrels

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

SQUIRREL GIRL #30 makes excellent use of color and detail. The coloring of the Silver Surfer and Nancy when she is merged with the Power Cosmic is striking. It draws us to the page and the panel. The detail in this issue alternates between minimalistic and highly presented, and it works. The lack of detail in certain areas allows us to focus on the minutia of things, such as story or coloring. The use of great detail in other places gives emphasis to the contents of that portion of the comic.

Rico Renzi provides the reader with striking portrayals of holders of the Power Cosmic through color. The coloring is silver, yes, but it isn’t as simple as that. White highlights and darker gray shadows present themselves. These aspects of coloring allow for the dramatization of important moments and additionally bring emphasis to these parts. At times, we see a gradient of gray showing the shading on the Silver Surfer’s body. This portrayal of users of the Power Cosmic is not the only example of excellent coloring. Although, it does provide the best example of how we see coloring used in SQUIRREL GIRL #30

The detail in this issue alternates slightly in style, between minimalistic and highly detailed. We see minimalistic detail in users of the Power Cosmic, which emphasizes these characters’ power. As they appear differently from other characters, we know that they are unique. The aliens that make up the armada have more intricate details. Each alien species is significantly unique. The reader can differentiate between each species, allowing for an immersive experience.

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Serving up Justice for the Issue

SQUIRREL GIRL #30 has action and humor, revelations of the good and the bad, exceptional use of detail and minimalism. All of these factors combined make for a strong issue. The action and humor have us invested in the story. Seeing Nancy at such a low point and Squirrel Girl at such a high one reminds us of who they are while still going into more depth than we have seen previously. The colors make the holders of the Power Cosmic stand out, thus emphasizing their strength. The use of detail serves to show significant factors and differentiates characters through these significant aspects. In the end, Squirrel Girl has saved the day and her friends. SQUIRREL GIRL #30 is definitely a strong comic.

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