SPYRO REIGNITED TRILOGY has officially been revealed following this morning’s leaks, just in time for the series’ 20th anniversary. The collection is will be available on September 21 for PS4 and XBOX ONE, and is available for pre-order now for $39.99. Check out the trailer here.

The long-awaited REIGNITED TRILOGY contains HD remakes of the original three games on PS1: SPYRO THE DRAGON, SPYRO 2: RIPTO’S RAGE, and SPYRO: YEAR OF THE DRAGON.

The REIGNITED TRILOGY follows a similar formula to last year’s CRASH BANDICOOT N. SANE TRILOGY in that everything is built from the ground up. This means new graphics, improved gameplay, and new music. Hopefully, the new “reimagined” soundtrack will not stray too far from Stewart Copeland’s fantastic original!

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SPYRO THE DRAGON first released in 1998. The trilogy was a series of 3D collectathon platformers, in contrast to the more popular CRASH BANDICOOT’s linear, action-oriented stages. The series was still immensely popular among PS1 owners, so an official announcement for the REIGNITED TRILOGY was just a matter of time.

Insomniac Games, known for RATCHET AND CLANK and the upcoming SPIDERMAN, created the original trilogy. The REIGNITED TRILOGY is in the hands of Toys for Bob, who is responsible for the whole Skylanders franchise of games which brought SPYRO to modern audiences, to begin with. In addition, Toys for Bob is working on the Nintendo Switch port of the N. SANE TRILOGY. Hopefully, Toys for Bob will do the original series justice and recreate the games faithfully.

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Closing Remarks:

I am personally very excited for the REIGNITED TRILOGY. SPYRO was my favorite franchise growing up, I preferred it even to CRASH BANDICOOT. I have wanted this remaster for many years, so I cannot wait for more coverage over the following months. If last year’s coverage of the N. SANE TRILOGY shows any indication, there will hopefully be a playable demo at E3 in June.

As stated, the REIGNITED TRILOGY is releasing on PS4 and XBOX ONE on September 21 and is available for pre-order now for $39.99.

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