Starting on May 18th, 2018, Puerto Rico will be holding its very own Comic Con, titled Puerto Rico Comic Con. In recent months, the island has been in the process of recovering from the devastation left behind by Hurricane Maria last year. Though rebuilding efforts have been taking place for quite some time now, there is still a long way to go.

However, despite the tragedy, the spirit of Puerto Rico persists. The island’s people continue to endure together through love, culture, and the things they are passionate about. This is why the Puerto Rico Comic Con is such an important event for Puerto Ricans in 2018. The convention is ultimately an opportunity for passionate fans of comic books, television, movies, and other forms of entertainment to come together and celebrate what they love.

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According to Associate Producer, Finees Almenas, the convention will take part in supporting various nonprofit groups that are involved with rebuilding initiatives throughout the island. Additionally, the Puerto Rico Comic Con will be one of the first large-scale events to take place after Hurricane Maria. As a result, everyone is being asked to contribute to making this event as uplifting as possible.

Many special guests will be making an appearance at the convention. Stars such as John Barrowman of Arrow and Casey Cott of Riverdale will be in attendance. The famed writer of THE INFINITY GAUNTLET, Jim Starlin, will also be available for meet and greets.

So, come by the San Juan Convention Center from May 18th to May 20th to not only experience an entertaining convention but also the culture of Puerto Rico itself. This event is more than just an annual tradition. It is a celebration of the island and the spirit that continues to persist despite the hardships it has endured.

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