Well, Spidey fans, it’s that time of the year again. Time for yet another outrageous Spider-Man event book. Because, for whatever reason, Spidey gets his own event stories (not that I’m complaining). This year, writers Christos Gage and Dan Slott will grace us with SPIDER-GEDDON, which will essentially act as a sequel to the insanely fun SPIDER-VERSE event.

SPIDER-VERSE was such an enjoyable Spidey event story. It brought all of our favorite spider-themed heroes together for an all-out war against the Inheritors. Granted, the villains were kind of lame, but it was still absurdly gratifying to see every Spider-Man and Woman ever team up for the first time. It was just a really fun book, with tons of heart and character.

Yet, though I absolutely love SPIDER-VERSE, I’m oddly unenthused for the SPIDER-GEDDON event. I think bringing all the Spideys together was better off as a one-time deal. Doing it again feels kind of cheap. But, it’s too late to stop the train now, so we might as well go along for the ride and see how it plays out!

Cover to SPIDER-GEDDON #1. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

SPIDER-GEDDON has had a slow build up these past few weeks. The EDGE OF SPIDER-GEDDON series has cranked out stories for several Spideys that will undoubtedly appear in the event. And, this past week, SPIDER-GEDDON #0 hit shelves, depicting a meeting between the Superior Spider-Man and the Spider-Man of the new video game (which is an absolute godsend).

But who else can we expect to see in the upcoming event? After all, there’s a shitload of Spideys out there. For the sake of brevity, I’ll round off at an even 10 for some speculation on who we might expect or should hope to see in SPIDER-GEDDON.

Parameters of the List

Just a quick note on how this little list of Spideys will work. The order in which these Spideys appear isn’t based on preference or anything. It’s not best to worst, or vice versa. The numbering doesn’t really matter. Wherever a Spidey falls on the list is just where he or she falls.

Most of the Spideys listed here were chosen because they’ve had some serious development as of late, and I expect them to be expanded upon somewhat in the upcoming event. Otherwise, I picked these heroes sort of at random. It’s just the guys and gals I think people will want to see most.

Oh, and before you ask, no, I’m not putting Spider-Ham on this list. He’s overrated and is literally nothing more than a comedic prop. Get over him.

Let’s get to it.

1. The Superior Spider-Man

The Superior Spider-Man. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Okay, so maybe there’s a little bias in this list.

Up first is arguably my favorite alternate version of Spider-Man. Whether you liked him or not, the Superior Spider-Man was a definitively unique and creative take on the web-slinging hero. Dan Slott took a huge risk with SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN. Obviously, it wasn’t received well by everyone, but it’s a fantastic piece of storytelling in my book.

To quickly summarize, the Superior Spider-Man is the Earth-616 version of Peter Parker, except with the mind of Doctor Octopus. This guy was the canon Spider-Man for just about a year until Peter Parker regained control of his body. But, while Doc Ock was in charge, he did things Peter Parker never could. He defeated his enemies without mercy, effectively mopping up most of the crime in NYC. But, in the end, when he lost basically everything fighting the Green Goblin, he knew he had to give his body back to Peter Parker.

I could go on forever about how much I love this version of Spider-Man, but that’s not why we’re here.

Obviously, the Superior Spider-Man will make an appearance in SPIDER-GEDDON. He already has, in SPIDER-GEDDON #0. I found that to be odd, though, considering most synopses point to Ock showing up as the Superior Octopus during the series. I figured he’d become the Superior Spider-Man again by the end of the book, but who knows. Maybe he’ll change midway.

Either way, you can definitely expect to see this guy in SPIDER-GEDDON. I have high hopes for what Christos Gage will do with the character. Ock has had such an intriguing arc these past few years, and I can’t wait to see where he goes next.

2. Ben Reilly, aka The Scarlet Spider

The Scarlet Spider. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

This is one that might seem rather obvious, but probably not for the reasons you’re thinking of.

Of course, the Scarlet Spider, aka Ben Reilly, is one of the most popular alternate versions of Spider-Man (despite the egregious storyline he’s attached to). So, it seems only fitting for him to appear in a story all about alternate Spider-Men and Women.

However, though Ben Reilly made an appearance in SPIDER-VERSE, it wasn’t as the Scarlet Spider. He showed up as an alternate universe’s Spider-Man (it was a world where Ben never died and kept being Spider-Man). That Ben Reilly, however, died during the SCARLET SPIDERS mini-series.

But, back on Earth-616, Ben Reilly has returned (as part of the CLONE CONSPIRACY event, which I’m sure most of you already knew). He’s back in business as the Scarlet Spider. However, the events of CLONE CONSPIRACY left him scarred and grizzled. He’s a very different character now. He’s more aggressive and abrasive, much more than most of his counterparts.

I’m really hoping Gage and Slott feature this updated Ben Reilly in SPIDER-GEDDON. He’d have such a different dynamic than in SPIDER-VERSE, for sure. I’d almost expect him to fall in line with the more kill-savvy Spiders, like Superior Spidey or Spider-Man Noir. We’ll have to wait and see. I just sorely hope the Scarlet Spider makes an appearance.

3. Spider-Gwen, aka Ghost Spider

Spider-Gwen, aka Ghost Spider. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Yeah, this is another one that might seem obvious, but again, I’ve included her for very different reasons other than the obvious.

Spider-Gwen was the breakout star of SPIDER-VERSE. Who knew making a Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman would be as big a deal as it was? Apparently, Dan Slott did. Next to Ben Reilly and Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen is one of the biggest fan-favorite alternate Spideys out there. And she’s earned every ounce of the praise.

Writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez went above and beyond with fleshing out this character. Gwen Stacy’s story traveled in a way I really didn’t expect it to. It was dark, gruesome, and often unpleasant, in a world that was anything but. But that was okay. I enjoyed seeing this different spin on a spider character. Usually, the spiders are high-flying and jovial. This was a grittier story, one that came to suit the character very well.

Following the conclusion of Latour and Rodriguez’s run with the character, Spider-Gwen will be returning again as part of SPIDER-GEDDON. In fact, she’ll even be getting a new series, along with a new title. She’s going by the name Ghost Spider nowadays. The first few issues of her new series, SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST SPIDER, will act as tie-ins to the larger SPIDER-GEDDON event. Of course, we should fully expect her to appear in the main story as well.

Like Ben Reilly, I’m hoping to see some more dynamic development with this character. She’s already been through quite a lot, so I’m sure a little more won’t hurt her much.

4. Annie Parker, aka Spiderling

Annie Parker, aka Spiderling. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Is she still going by Spiderling? I think she is. I know it’s a personal matter of debate for her.

If you’ve been following AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS, then you know exactly how awesome Annie Parker is. Annie is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. The family hails from Earth-18119, a world where Peter and MJ are still married and had a kid.

The RENEW YOUR VOWS series has gone through several writers, the most notable being Gerry Conway and Jody Houser. Regardless of who was writing the series, Annie always shined as one of the best characters. She’s a go-getter with a heart of gold. Plus, her story is very reminiscent of the teenage Peter Parker days. Annie goes through the learning curve just like Pete did, only now, she’s got her parents to guide her along the way.

Her relationship with her parents is another key factor to that series, something Houser played with very well. It always felt natural, and Houser superbly captured the idea of the awkward, angsty teenager vs. the over-protective parents.

The series just hit issue #23. I’m not sure if it’s ending, but regardless of that, I’m super excited to see Annie appear in SPIDER-GEDDON. She’ll be featured in the spinoff series SPIDER-GIRLS, which features May “Mayday” Parker, Anya Corazon, and Annie. Talk about a team-up! Better yet, the series will be written by RENEW YOUR VOWS writer Jody Houser. Annie already has such great chemistry with her family. I’m pumped to see what Houser comes up with as a part of the mini-series.

5. Mary Jane Watson, aka Spinneret

Spinneret. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

To go right along with Annie Parker is none other than her mother, Mary Jane Watson. At least, the Earth-18119 version. You know what I mean.

Also, you’d think someone would’ve tried the idea of MJ as Spider-Woman sooner, right? I think there’s an obscure one or two out there, but nothing like this. Whatever.

As part of the RENEW YOUR VOWS series, MJ is featured as the web-slinging hero Spinneret. She gets her powers from her suit; it’s designed off of tech used by the villain Regent, who first appeared in the original RENEW YOUR VOWS series (during SECRET WARS (2015)). In this way, she’s able to join her superpowered husband and daughter on their wall-crawling patrols!

Like Annie, MJ absolutely shines in this book. This is a very different take on the character, as we’ve never really seen her as either a parent or a superhero. Again, this was something that every writer of the RENEW YOUR VOWS series covered beautifully. MJ consistently is able to hold her own, both as a parent and a hero. She’s a great mother and a stellar slinger.

As most of what MJ has dealt with in RENEW YOUR VOWS is pretty straightforward, I’m really hoping she shows up in SPIDER-GEDDON. Then, she could get a real taste of the insanity that comes with being a spider-hero. Plus, seeing her bounce off of the other Spideys would be undoubtedly amusing. She may have seen some shit as Spinneret, but she’s definitely never seen the things SPIDER-GEDDON will surely unleash.

6. Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4

I have to preface this one by saying if you haven’t played the new Spidey game yet, you’re doing something wrong with your life, and you aren’t a true Spider-Man fan. I went out and bought a PS4 just so I could play it. If I did it, so can you. Play. This. Game. Your soul depends on it.

With that rant out of the way, onto the next Spidey!

Insomniac’s version of Spider-Man is one for the history books. This version of Peter Parker could go down as one of the greatest reinterpretations of all time. I can’t say much more than what’s already been said about this guy. This is the Peter Parker we all know and love, the guy you always root for no matter what, the guy who never gives up. He’s damn-near perfect. If you’ve played the game, you know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, I defer to my previous rant.

We’ve already gotten a glimpse of how PS4 Spidey will tie-in to the SPIDER-GEDDON story. He willingly joined up with Superior Spidey in SPIDER-GEDDON #0. If any kind of inner spider turmoil breaks loose, I’ve no doubt this Spidey would stick with Otto, given (spoiler) how important the two are to each other in the game.

I just really hope Insomniac’s Spidey gets his due in SPIDER-GEDDON. I love him so much. I’ll be pointedly upset if he gets zero screen time. Don’t let me down, Gage.

7. Spider-Punk

Spider-Punk. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Because what better combination could there be than Spider-Man and punk rock?

Hobie Brown is most often a name associated with the Prowler. But, on Earth-138, that name belongs to the Anarchic Spider-Man. This guy was, like many other Spideys, bitten by a radioactive spider. Although, this one was created because of toxic waste dumping. Nevertheless, this spider bestowed Hobie with the powers of the spider.

It also seems to have fueled his rage and rock star instincts, because he leads an army of freedom fighters to the tune of hellacious rock and roll (which is right up my alley). It’s all a really good time.

Most recently, in EDGE OF SPIDER-GEDDON #1, Hobie fought his universe’s version of Kang the Conqueror, who’s not a conqueror, and more of a Conglomerator. It’s pretty funny, actually. In the future, Kang went to town with marketing Spider-Punk to the public. Of course, Hobie isn’t pleased with that. So, they unleash a punk Hulk on the guy. Good times.

Spider-Punk was a sleeper hit of SPIDER-VERSE. The gratuitous action and all-out war scenario fit Hobie’s MO. We know he’ll be back for SPIDER-GEDDON, so I’m sure he’ll feel right at home jumping back into a battle with his spider compatriots.

8. Peni Parker, aka SP//dr

Peni Parker, aka SP//dr. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Aka, the cooler robot spider-hero.

Peni Parker hails from Earth-14512. The world doesn’t exactly have a Spider-Man or Woman. Instead, it’s got a Parker who’s got some kind of link to an actual spider, and together, they pilot an “Evangelion” style mech known as SP//dr. Yeah, I don’t know, it’s weird. It’s also super creative, and very enjoyable to read.

Peni’s only appeared in two separate solo issues. Those are EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #5 and, more recently, EDGE OF SPIDER-GEDDON #2. Between these two issues, Peni has gone through some serious character development. Writer Gerard Way has done a fantastic job with fleshing Peni out in such a short span of time. She fits right in with the rest of the spider-gang.

SP//dr wasn’t featured too prominently in the core SPIDER-VERSE event, but we know she’ll be appearing in SPIDER-GEDDON. I hope we get to see more of her character; she’s much like Annie Parker, in the sense that she’s still young and going through a bit of an angsty phase in her life. There’s a lot of room for this character to grow, so here’s hoping we get to see some of that.

9. Spider-UK

Spider-UK. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Okay, this guy is surprisingly underrated.

Billy Braddock of Earth-833 is Spider-UK. On the surface, he may seem like just another spider clone. In truth, though, he’s a full-fledged character, with believable goals and a likable personality. Though he never got much of an origin story, there’s still a plethora of details out there surrounding this character.

As part of the WEB WARRIORS series, Billy acted as the de facto leader of the team. Though he seemed to have a knack for leadership, Billy was consistently wracked by doubt about his abilities as a leader. He went through some believable development, and his apparent death early on in the series actually came with some emotional pull.

My point is, Billy Braddock isn’t just another spider. He could, in fact, be one of the best. Sadly, he’s been mostly passed off on the wayside for more popular characters like Spider-Gwen or Miles Morales.

Which is why I sorely hope Spider-UK reappears in the SPIDER-GEDDON event. Like Peni and Hobie, there’s tons of room for this guy to grow. Billy went through a ton of great development during WEB WARRIORS, so if he were to make an appearance in the upcoming event, I’m sure he’d have much more breathing room. Plus, one more Spidey can never hurt when facing the Inheritors.

10. Spider-Cowboy

Spider-Cowboy. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Because why not?

Yeah, I really don’t have much for this one. I don’t think there’s, like, any background info on this guy. Other than, of course, he’s a Spider-Man who’s also a cowboy. I’m pretty sure his only major appearance was in SPIDER-VERSE, and that was fairly brief.

I think this guy deserves more time in the spotlight, you know? Like, c’mon, he’s a Spider-Cowboy. There’re tons of room for wacky scenarios that play into that. I feel like that’s a goldmine waiting to be cracked open. Plus, who knows, maybe he’s got some grizzly past the writers could look into.

I don’t know. I feel like most lists deserve a gag pick. Spider-Cowboy is my gag pick for this list. But, he’s also kind of a serious pick. I wouldn’t mind seeing this guy show up with a minor role as part of SPIDER-GEDDON.

Make it happen, Gage.


And that, my friends, is my brief list of Spideys I hope to see in SPIDER-GEDDON. Now, of course, I missed a ton of other great Spideys, but when dealing with lists like this one, it’s best to keep things minimal. But, surely, I hope to also see guys like Miles Morales, the Spider-Man from India, Mayday Parker Spider-Girl, and (I guess) Spider-Ham. This list could go on and on, but, again, succinctness is key.

Though I’m still not overly excited for SPIDER-GEDDON, I’ll read it all the same. I’m sure it’ll be fun to read. I mean, I don’t think there’s any topping that first time all the Spideys teamed up, but hey, Gage and Slott are welcome to try.

But, on the matter of discussion, what are some Spideys you guys are hoping to see in SPIDER-GEDDON? Like I said, I left quite a few out, and I’m sure there are tons you guys are ready to see in action again. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

SPIDER-GEDDON #1 hits shelves on October 10th. In the interest of preparedness, be sure to check out the EDGE OF SPIDER-GEDDON series. All four issues are out now. Get reading, people, and prepare yourselves for SPIDER-GEDDON!

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