The wait is over! SPIDER-MEN II comes to comic shops and digital services this July! Writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli reunite for this sequel, and it couldn’t be more fitting. After all, these two weren’t just the writers of the original SPIDER-MEN series; they in fact co-created Miles Morales.

SPIDER-MEN II: Another Miles Morales?

In SPIDER-MEN, fans saw one of the first contacts between the 616 Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe. It was an exciting time in comics. Miles Morales was fresh on the scene and his name spoke across multi-media platforms. Now, as a result of SECRET WARS, the Miles Morales we all love and know swings comfortably in the main Marvel Universe. However, the mystery remains: who is the other Miles Miles? SPIDER-MEN II will answer this.

Brian Michael Bendis: “SPIDER-MEN II as ‘Potent’ as Ever.”

Bendis had comments on SPIDER-MEN II in an interview with He says: “It’s exciting just because [SPIDER-MEN II] is the one I’m asked the most about. ‘When are you gonna follow up on this?’ and there just wasn’t a good time to do it until now, and all the stuff that’s happened since then has made the story that much more potent.”

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As a fan, I have so many questions. Has Bendis been crafting this story for five years? Did he know who the other Miles Morales was all along? When SPIDER-MEN II is complete, what will the repercussions be? Miles Morales is one of Bendis’ greatest creations, so there’s no doubt SPIDER-MEN II is going to be a stellar story. July can’t come fast enough!

The storytelling with Miles Morales and Peter Parker is truly limitless. SPIDER-MEN II furthers the relationship between these wall crawlers. Having the original creators of Miles together again makes this story pure and authentic as well. This is an exciting time for all Spider-Man fans alike. If you haven’t read the original SPIDER-MEN story, don’t fret! SPIDER-MEN #1 is free through the Marvel App and Marvel Digital Comics Store until Thursday, April 27th.

Spider-Men II #1 Cover
Spider-Men II #1 Cover by Sara Pichelli and Justin Ponsor

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