With everyone’s favorite webslinger swinging back into theaters this July, ComicsVerse is taking a look back at SPIDER-MAN’s greatest adventures. From the big screen to the small screen to a simple comic panel, we will find out how this ol’ Web Head SPIDER-MAN has evolved since he first webbed his way into our imagination.

In honor of Marvel Studio’s decision to take our favorite wall-crawler back to Midtown High, I decided to travel back in time to my senior year of high school, during the scariest moment of any teenager’s life – College Applications.

So, against my better judgment, I have agreed to post my Common App essay on “Why Spider-man is my Role Model, not my Hero” exclusively on ComicsVerse. Seriously, this essay was my main ticket into college.  

So please, enjoy.


As any Spider-man enthusiast knows, Peter Parker’s life is no web swing in the park. Ask me who my hero is, I would say Captain America. Ask me who my role model is, however, and I’d say Peter Benjamin Parker.

Like Peter, I have an intimate relationship with failure and self-deprecation. My parents divorced when I was six. Since then, I’ve always felt inadequate. I’d ask myself, “If I were perfect in every way, would my parents be happier?” Failing wasn’t an option, and yet I have failed spectacularly.

I’ve flunked exams, failed my driving exam twice, and stood up to the wrong bullies just to name a few.

I can empathize with Peter. He makes mistakes almost daily, and I’ve begun to lose count of my score. So what makes Peter Parker a role model and sometimes hero?

He never gives up.

Despite his failures, Peter never betrays his core values of integrity, responsibility, and humility – no matter how tempting the superficial rewards. He isn’t the most powerful “superhero” out there, but he never surrenders no matter how overpowered or overwhelmed he may be, whether it’s facing down a foe or trying to make rent.

So despite my many failures, I hope I never give up either.

No matter how impossible the moment can seem, Peter taught me that life is just a series of choices, and each us of must take responsibility for those choices, whatever the outcome. No matter how difficult, Peter has convinced me to see any challenge through until the end. Most importantly, he taught me that true success comes not from the end result, but from the preparation and effort put in instead. To truly fail, you must accept failure without acknowledging the hard work. I have failed spectacularly, but I’ve also succeeded fantastically – not because I’m a genius or because I am gifted, but because I never give up.

I’ve aced exams, passed my driving exam with only three marks (third time’s a charm!), and stopped a bully from destroying a friend’s life.

May Parker once said to Peter,

“There is a hero in all of us … who makes us steady, even if it means giving up the things we want most.”

Helping others in need is a responsibility we all have no matter how difficult or unrewarding it may be. There will be moments when I will falter when I feel insecure. But what sort of role model would I be if I let these moments define me? I will never be perfect, but I will be someone who tries their hardest and looks out for others.

Peter Parker once said,

“I belong in the streets, not up in the sky.”

A hero is someone who leads by awe, someone who inspires. A role model is someone who leads by example, someone you aspire to be.  I may never be a Captain America, protecting humanity from threats greater than we’ll ever know, but I am content to be Spider-man, helping others one moment at a time.

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING opens nationwide in theaters on July 7th, 2017.

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