Spider-Man and Deadpool are a match made in nerd heaven. So it’s fitting that they finally get a villain worthy of their combined efforts. But more on that later.

Spidey and Deadpool are facing their most ridiculous threat yet—The Hateful Hexad! Composed of White Rabbit, Gibbon, Bearboarguy, OX, Swarm, and Squid, these D-list baddies are hell-bent on wreaking havoc.

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I love that Marvel embraces all the lame villains it has churned out over the years and even continues the tradition with the creation of Bearboarguy, a clear homage to South Park’s Manbearpig. Joe Kelly isn’t afraid to use silly characters like this because they keep a series like SPIDER-MAN AND DEADPOOL light and fun. The previous issue was great because it dealt with some heavier subject matter, but it’s nice to get back to the original spirit of the series. This is conveyed brilliantly through a page introducing these lackluster antagonists. spider-man-deadpool-2016-009-002

It’s a great crash course on these characters. One of my favorite things about this series is that it’s super accessible. A lot has changed on the Marvel side of things in recent months, so it’s nice to know there are still some books people can pick up without knowing much beforehand. Comics should be for everyone.

In terms of our heroes, Spider-Man and Deadpool are still the most bromantic duo. Their banter keeps me coming back. In all seriousness, this series was probably made to capitalize on how much people have loved seeing these two together in the past, but I have too much fun reading it to bother worrying about that. I compromise my principles like that. Come at me.


So clearly, characterization is on point. The plot faltered in some spaces, particularly when dealing with Deadpool and his wife, Shiklah. We still don’t know why he has his handsome face back, and there’s a weird sequence when he burns his face off in his wife’s hellish domain. Plus, we don’t really know what the Hateful Hexad wants or what they’re trying to do. Both of these things didn’t really make sense and kind of took me out of the story.

But this issue quickly redeems itself with a villain I’m really excited about. She wasn’t in this issue much, but I sincerely hope she’s back soon. Itsy Bitsy is a hybrid of Deadpool and Spider-Man’s DNA, giving her spider-powers and a healing factor. And lots of swords and guns, because this is Deadpool’s DNA we’re talking about here.


The build up to her appearance is so creepy. She sings “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and we’re left to wonder who this mysterious voice could belong to, which makes the reveal all the more satisfying.

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I love the character design for Itsy Bitsy. It’s probably my favorite artistic merit of this issue. Deadpool’s handsome mug still takes some getting used to, but that’s more of a personal grievance. McGuinness does a great job with keeping the artistic tone light and fun to match the plot and characters. It just works.

This is probably one of my favorite books out right now,and even though it’s had its flaws, I’m willing to overlook them in the name of fun.

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