While Spidey is trying to fend off Blastaar, Deadpool is…trying to stop Ransak? Maybe? Who knows if it’s really doing what it’s supposed to. Check out the SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOl #44 preview below to see more!

[one_half]spider-man/deadpool #44


Published: January 16, 2019

Written by: Robbie Thompson

Art by: Jim Towe

Cover by: Dave Johnson

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Let’s just say Spider-Man and Deadpool aren’t not trapped in the Negative Zone. Spidey’s a bit anxious to get back to Earth and stop the rampaging bug monsters… (You didn’t miss ish #42, did you?) But D.P.’s hoping for some R&R! See the negative sights, take in some local negative color, fight off the Living Bomb-Burst, A.K.A. BLASTAAR — wait, what was that last one?

SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #44 Preview Image Gallery

spider-man/deadpool #44 spider-man/deadpool #44

spider-man/deadpool #44
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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