Spider-Man and Deadpool are just trying to get on with their road trip in this SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #43 preview. Pretty hard to do that from the Negative Zone, though. Even more so when you run into an eternal! Will Spider-man and Deadpool ever make it to the end of this road trip? Check out the preview below!



Written by: Robbie Thompson

Art by: Jim Towe

Cover by: Dave Johnson

Can’t get enough of your favorite duo? Keep up with the road trip here!


Spider-Man and Deadpool’s road trip continues! Like every Great American Road Trip, this one ends up in the Negative Zone. Wait a second… Our heroes are way out of their element and need to get the heck back to their universe ASAP!

SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #43 Preview Image Gallery

All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment


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