Looks like the usual blend of awesome action and quirky fun in this SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST SPIDER #5 preview. Spider-Gwen is only just getting back into the swing of things after Spider-Geddon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the real world is ready to let her calm down just yet. Check out the preview below!




Written by: Seanan McGuire

Art by: Takeshi Miyazawa

Cover by: Bengal

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In the aftermath of “Spider-Geddon”, Gwen is ready for her life to calm down — but when is life ever calm for a teenage super hero? Mary Jane’s perfectionist vision for their band is driving Gwen crazy, while Gwen’s father is pressuring her to return to school. Add that to the daily trials and responsibility that come with being a web-slinging super hero, and you’ve got a recipe for a whole new era of radioactive adventure!

SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST SPIDER #5 Preview Image Gallery

SGGS #5 Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider #5 Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider #5 Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider #5

Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider #5
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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