Writer Christos Gage builds great intensity in SPIDER-GEDDON #4 between the web warriors and the Inheritors leading into the finale of SPIDER-GEDDON.
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They say keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. But what happens when the lines are blurred and you can’t tell the difference anymore? Such is the case in SPIDER-GEDDON #4, writer Christos Gage has definitely saved the best for last with this amazing buildup issue leading to the conclusion of SPIDER-GEDDON. It’s put up or shut up time as our web warriors look to stop the Inheritors from resurrecting their father Solus and unleashing chaos upon the spider multiverses. Will the Spider-Men be successful at stopping them or have our webbed heroes spun their last webs?

Plans Are Afoot In SPIDER-GEDDON #4

In SPIDER-GEDDON #4, the Inheritors are trying to accomplish two goals: restore the cloning vats and resurrect their father using the crystal that contains his essence. On the other side, the spider warriors are strategizing their last remaining efforts for survival and trying everything in their power to stop the Inheritors from becoming immortal. But the only thing that stands in their way is each other. If they can manage to coexist long enough with each other, they may survive long enough to not become dinner.

SPIDER-GEDDON #4 - The Inheritors looking stronger than ever
Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Throughout SPIDER-GEDDON #4, things go completely sideways for the web warriors. First, the Inheritors with an accidental assist from Spider-Woman — aka Jessica Drew of Earth 616 — obtain the essence crystal needed to bring their father Solus back to life. Second, Spider-Woman gives Jennix an idea by revealing to them that her powers come from radiation. They lock her up so that later Jennix can study her to see if her immunity to radiation is transferable. Meanwhile, the web warriors are trying to devise a plan against them.

Getting Back On Track

While the last issue fell a bit short on excitement, this one definitely makes up for it in a big way. This issue feels part horror, part suspense thriller. The Inheritors have the upper hand and are close to restoring their immortality along with their quest to destroy the spider-beings. Gage does an outstanding job tightening up the characters, delivering a good story, and setting us up with a great climatic ending leading toward the finale of SPIDER-GEDDON.

SPIDER-GEDDON #4 - The Inheritors attacking Spider-Woman
Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

This issue covers a lot of ground, making it feel slightly rushed. However, it makes sense. One of the main plot points of this issue is the teamwork between Miles Morales and Otto Octavius. I won’t say much to prevent spoilers but let’s just say they finally find some common ground. The thing that’s most interesting about this issue is its unpredictability.

Up until now, the problem with the prior issues was that they were highly predictable. SPIDER-GEDDON #4 has a lot of tension build-up that leads to a good payoff. Oddly enough Gage finds a good way to leave you rooting for the web warriors or hoping they fail. Alliances are definitely tested and there is a betrayal that you will not see coming so you’ve been warned.

The Return Of Jorge Molina

Artist Jorge Molina returns to deliver some sharp and visually stunning art alongside Carlo Barberi. The pencil work in this issue is strong and the characters blend incredibly well against the backgrounds. My favorite panels are the ones of the Inheritors. Each panel with them feels like a vintage portrait. Look out for a great half-splash panel with them towards the end of the story. If they ever decided to make a prequel story about the Inheritors and how they came to be, I would hope Jorge Molina and Carlo Barberi would be at the top of the list to bring it to life.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Four Down One To Go

SPIDER-GEDDON #4 is incredibly well written. Gage, Molina, and Barberi really brought their A game with this one and I hope SPIDER-GEDDON #5 ends well for the remaining web warriors. For fans that have been following SPIDER-GEDDON from the beginning, just wait until you see how this issue ends. The final few pages will surely leave you in awe. With issue four in the can, I can’t wait to see how the finale plays out. One thing’s for sure — our web warriors won’t go down without a fight and the last issue will definitely have some killer fight scenes.

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