Otto Octavius and Miles Morales have divided and chosen their own factions of spider people in the fight to defeat the Inheritors.
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The stakes couldn’t be higher as we enter SPIDER-GEDDON #3. Otto Octavius, the Superior Spider-Man and Miles Morales have divided and chosen their own factions of spider people. Otto’s group is set with the intentions of killing the Inheritors the first chance they get. Miles, on the other hand, wants to choose a more ethical way of eliminating the threat. But as Otto and Miles continue to grow further apart, the Inheritors are slowly pulling themselves back together. Inheritor Daemos has successfully cloned his dad’s body, and his sister Verna is in close pursuit of the crystal containing their father’s essence to bring him back to life.

The only thing standing in the way of the Inheritors reaching immortality once again is our fractured team of spiders warriors. Can the two teams put their differences aside to stop the Inheritors or will the Inheritors successfully retrieve the crystal to awaken their father?


In SPIDER-GEDDON #3, Otto continues on his crusade of putting together his EXPENDABLES version of killer Spider-Men. Meanwhile, Miles and his team spring into action to try and stop Inheritor Jennix from setting up cloning vats. Miles tries to enlist the help of Otto at one point who basically tells him he’s leading a suicide mission and gracefully declines.

SPIDER-GEDDON #3 Making Decisions
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What I like most about Otto in this series is his brutal honesty. In this issue, I feel like writer Christos Gage uses Otto to convey to the reader how we most often feel when a character (Miles Morales) makes poor decisions when trying to accomplish a goal. Probably the most humorous part of SPIDER-GEDDON #3 is the fact that Miles Morales wants to show empathy while trying to stop the Inheritors. I tend to think that the heroic phrase “with great power comes great responsibility” goes out the window when someone’s trying to eat you. Aside from that, the division of the spider teams does try to establish some kind of organization given the story has so many characters.

Who Doesn’t Love a Giant Robot

Otto travels to Earth 51778 to find what he calls one of his most powerful allies. We later discover its Takuya Yamashiro from SPIDER-VERSE. Yamashiro is Spider-man or Supaidāman who pilots a giant robot named Leopardon. I won’t spoil it, but there is a great scene involving Yamashiro and Otto that is a lot of fun. Also, I learned that Supaidāman is based off an old live-action Japanese television show from the 70s. I think this was a nice cameo and cool touch by Gage to include him in the series. He has an awesome bit with Superior Spider-Man that’s worth the price of admission alone.

SPIDER-GEDDON #3 Bring on the sword already
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The Good News and Bad News

SPIDER-GEDDON #3 brings us to the midway point with only two issues left before the big finale. The good news about this series thus far is I love the Inheritors. It would actually be cool if they won the second time around. The bad news, unfortunately, is this issue suffers from dragging on longer than it needs to be. Although I know the main goal of the story is to stop the Inheritors, it seems like it’s missing something else and there aren’t enough things at stake.

Wherefore Art Thou, Jorge Molina

While artist Carlo Barberi and Todd Nauk do a really good job overall, the absence of Jorge Molina’s line work is felt throughout a few pages in this issue. Where Molina is good at pacing and letting the art tell the story here some pages feel a bit too busy at times. The pages that are dialogue heavy seem to fair well. However, the fight scenes suffer visually making it a little hard to keep up with what’s going on. Overall I thought Barberi and Nauk did a good job with the art. Their work brings a very detailed and distinct look, especially on the multiple Spider-Men’s eyes.

SPIDER-GEDDON #3 Crowded fight Scene
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Coming to a Close

SPIDER-GEDDON #3 so far is probably my least favorite in the series. But the story still has some potential as far as I’m concerned. The artwork is good up until the fight scenes which can easily be fixed with a little fewer characters going forward. Overall I’m curious to see if Spider-Man or Spider-Gwen finally grace us with their presence in the next issue and if the Inheritors are successful with bringing their father back from the dead. Don’t sleep on SPIDER-GEDDON as I believe they’re saving the best for last.

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