In SPIDER-GEDDON #2 the Inheritors are back and hungrier than ever. Spider-UK and Spider-Man Noir have been killed by the vampiric family and the only thing standing in their way of total domination are the remaining web warriors. But will they be enough?
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In SPIDER-GEDDON #2, the villainous family of Inheritors is back and hungrier than ever. Spider-UK and Spider-Man Noir become the first victims of the vampiric life drainers. Now Inheritors Verna and Jennix look to set their sights and appetites on the remaining web warriors. Trapped in Otto Octavius’s lab, the Spiders must fend them off and escape before the self-destruct mechanism detonates. Can Miles Morales and Otto coexist long enough to stop them or will the Inheritors rule once again?


SPIDER-GEDDON #2 is pretty awesome. It plays like a vampire horror movie that happens to include spider people. From the opening panel to the storyline itself, it is clear that writer Christos Gage is trying to step it up a notch for this outrageous sequel. The idea of a bunch of unstoppable murderous vampire-like people sucking the life force out of our favorite superheroes still sounds as terrifying now as it did in SPIDER-VERSE.

spider-geddon #2
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

My only gripe with the story thus far is that it does seem a bit predictable at times. Despite that, SPIDER-GEDDON #2 still manages to dish out some serious blows in this issue. The Inheritors gain a lot of the high ground. There are also a few nail-biter moments that include fan favorites Miles and Spider-Gwen. With three issues left and the bodies starting to pile up, it doesn’t look too good for our spidey heroes the second time around.

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

Despite some predictability in SPIDER-GEDDON #2, there are a few new developments. After barely escaping the Inheritors from Otto’s lab, Miles Morales suggests that they contact Peter Parker of Earth-616 along with Jessica Drew and Anya Corazon. To Miles, they were successful the first time around beating the Inheritors so their experience could give the remaining web warriors a serious advantage.

spider-geddon #2
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

But this time around, Otto disagrees, and he isn’t the only web warrior with a difference in opinion. Unlike in SPIDER-VERSE where the heroes were against Otto leading the team, Spider-Punk and Octavia Otto side with Otto, causing a rift between the group. Otto feels that not killing the Inheritors the first time was a mistake that he does not wish to repeat. His plan is to enlist spider allies who will not hesitate to kill the Inheritors at any cost.

This leads Spider-Woman and Spider-Ham to head off with Miles Morales. This dilemma to me creates a new dynamic for the story and leaves the reader wondering which superhero team will come out on top?

The Superior Saviour?

Otto is one difficult individual. But despite his tough exterior, I think he will be more of a help by the end of this series than a nuisance. We know that his quest to be the dominant hero led him to use the Inheritors’ cloning technology and mistakenly opened the door for their return. We also know that he can be an arrogant and unapologetic scumbag. But, even geniuses make mistakes.

spider-geddon #2
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

When you really break it down Otto is a scientist, a mad scientist, but a scientist nonetheless. And one thing you do a lot as a scientist is fail. Scientists take a lot of twists and turns along the way to new ideas. Otto opened the door for the Inheritors’ return. I believe he’ll be the one to help close it as well. I think that by the end of SPIDER-GEDDON Otto will be the savior or steal the credit from whoever is.


The stellar creative team of Jorge Molina, Jay Leisten, Craig Yeung, Robert Poggi, and colorist David Curiel really knocks this issue out of the ballpark. The pencil work of Molina is extraordinary, and Curiel’s colors compliment it well. I love how Curiel’s colors keep the Inheritors’ look dark and gloomy in their 19th-century garments while the web warriors are all very bright.

spider-geddon #2
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

I also like the setup of each panel with the Inheritors. In each scene, the Inheritors always look powerful and in control. Not to spoil too much but one of my favorite panels is a scene where Verna is consuming someone’s life force. The way Molina brings out Verna’s inner monster made my jaw drop to the floor.

Good Things to Come

SPIDER-GEDDON #2 is a pretty good issue. The stories pacing is excellent with plenty of action. The artwork continues to be fantastic and really enhances the creepiness of the Inheritors. Hopefully, issue three takes us somewhere new, and they continue to build on the split between the web warrior teams. I have high hopes for this series. Despite its predictability, it remains interesting and action-packed, and I love the villains. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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