SPIDER-GEDDON #1 has finally arrived, but was it worth the wait? Writer Christos Gage working off of a story by Dan Slott has crafted what I’m predicting to be the next epic classic in the Spider-Man legacy. With every incarnation of Spider-Men, Women, and Pig fighting side by side to save the world across multiple multiverses in time, SPIDER-GEDDON is sure to be a fun and action-packed story.


If you’re not too familiar with the SPIDER-VERSE comic series that came before SPIDER-GEDDON it’s okay, neither am I. In SPIDER-VERSE, people who have spider-like abilities are also known as totems. Totems are essentially a connection between human beings and animals. A radioactive spider bites Peter Parker connecting him within the animal class known as Arachnid. In the original SPIDER-VERSE series, a godlike creature called Master Weaver is an entity in charge of maintaining the web of life and destiny. This where we find out there are other Spider-Men with spider-like abilities other than Peter Parker.

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A murderous entity called Morlun and his vampire-like family travel through multiverses feeding off the life force of people — specifically, spider-people. Morlun believes that as his father’s chosen heir, the web of life and destiny is his obligation. Although, the true origins of Morlun are never revealed. The only thing we do know is that he believes in a prophecy that involves killing each and every Spider-Man for his own evil agenda. Now you can see how this can be a problem for Peter Parker, Miles Morales, or anyone else with these spider-like gifts.

At the end of SPIDER-VERSE, with the help of several different Spider-Men and Women, Spider-Man was able to defeat Morlun and trap him and his family on a radioactive planet. Now, years later, the threat of Morlun returning is closer than our heroes realize and an all-out battle is brewing, leading us to SPIDER-GEDDON.


SPIDER-GEDDON #1 kicks things off with Miles Morales of Earth-616 kicking some serious butt against the Vulturions who think he’s Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. During the battle, a bunch of Spideys from other multiverses show up. Everyone including Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Spider-Punk, Spider-Man Noir and Spider-UK to name a few come to enlist Miles Morales. Immediately, Miles realizes the last time he saw this many web-crawlers together it was to fight the Inheritors.

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Miles’s assumptions about the Inheritors prove correct. Gwen Stacy explains to Miles that someone is using the Inheritors’s tech, which could prove dangerous. It could be a way for the Inheritors to escape the radioactive planet where they have been imprisoned.

In an ironic turn of events, Otto Octavius or The Superior Octopus has been combining the technology of the Jackal and the Inheritors to his own modifications to make an arsenal of clones that he can transfer his consciousness into. If you are following Gage’s new run on Superior Octopus, it’s Otto’s fault this is kind of happening in the first place. This leaves a race against time for the Spideys to find Otto and shut down the cloning machines before the Inheritors can make their grand return into this world. SPIDER-GEDDON #1 is an action-packed comic with a plot twist and an ending that’ll leave you in awe.

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The Start of Something Great

SPIDER-GEDDON #1 really starts things off with a bang. It has a really fun and playful introduction. Christos Gage does an impeccable job getting the reader interested right from the start. The story is well paced and easy to follow. Even though this is only the first issue, I feel like Gage does a good job of meshing the characters together.

The writers do an amazing job focusing on clear-cut dialogue. It makes it easier for readers to follow the motives of each character and to drive the story forward. I’m very grateful for their use of captions to tell us who each Spider-Man or Woman is, as well. What I hope will continue with this series — like all Spider-Man series — is what it means to be Spider-Man. What I love most about Spider-Man stories is Peter’s nobility. He always does what’s right and shows mercy even in the darkest hours. It’s an essence that shines throughout each Spider character from Spider-Gwen to Spider-Ham.

In terms of the plot, it’s good but it’s not something we haven’t already seen before in other comics series or movie franchises. I hope they have a few tricks up there to kind of give it a unique twist next issue. I do like the fact that Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy, and Superior Octopus are apart of this story arc. Those characters will definitely heighten the popularity of this series as they are all well-established characters. Although, the characterization I think is okay so far. I’m a big fan of villain characters so I hope that whatever Morlun has planned for Peter is pretty diabolical.

In Memoriam

I thought it was a cool and graceful touch to include the memoriam about Gary Friedrich. If you aren’t familiar with him, Gary was an American comic book writer and co-creator of the Marvel character Ghost Rider. I thought it was a thoughtful send off to put the memoriam after a page in SPIDER-GEDDON where Otto Octavius says a line which he says, “I am immortal.” Gary’s legacy will indeed inspire generations of artists, writers, and fans around the world.

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From the very first page, you can tell artist Jorge Molina and colorist David Curiel worked hard on this comic book. Their work is bright, joyful, and fun. David’s color almost makes the characters come to life. SPIDER-GEDDON #1 reads like an epic comic saga. The art and colors during the fight sequences are some of my favorite in a comic series in a while. Molina pays close attention to each character, giving them their own unique feel.

Final Thoughts

I think the premise for SPIDER-GEDDON #1 is off to a good start. However, let’s hope that as the story builds it leads to something surprising. If Otto Octavius can put his own ego aside long enough, they may have a chance. I’m also excited to see Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, who has not made his way into the story as of yet. It’ll be interesting to see what role Peter plays this time around.

SPIDER-GEDDON has a pretty interesting plot -- any excuse to put a bunch of Spider-Men in one book is okay with me. The villains feel a bit plain but maybe they'll have a few tricks up their sleeves. I have high hopes that this sequel will deliver a solid story that most readers will enjoy.
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