Insomniac Games’ SPIDER-MAN has been a huge hit amongst gamers. It sold 3 million copies within its first few days of release and has enticed fans with its moving narrative. Now, the game’s titular superhero comes to life in comic book form as SPIDER-GEDDON #0 brings a multitude of Spider-People together to stop armageddon from destroying the multiverse.

spider-geddon #0
SPIDER-GEDDON #0 page 2. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Apocalypse Now

SPIDER-GEDDON #0 kicks off with the Spider-Man of Earth-1048, aka Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man, enjoying another day at the office. This particular day’s duties involve stopping the villainous Tarantula from robbing a bank. In the middle of the two’s battle though, the Superior Spider-Man of Earth-616 appears.

Speaking rather formally for a Spider-Man, Superior Spidey states that Earth-1048’s Spidey is needed to stop a disastrous event from taking place. In fact, Superior Spider-Man claims that alternate Spider-People throughout the multiverse must band together to stop the Inheritors, entities that consume Spider-People.

Earth-1048 Spider-Man is initially skeptical of Earth-616 Spider-Man’s claims until he gets to know his alternate. He comes to learn that Earth-616 Spidey is actually Otto Octavius beneath the mask, a man Earth-1048 Spider-Man once called an ally. So, the two affirm an alliance as they prepare to stop Spider-Geddon together.

SPIDER-GEDDON #0 struggles to find its footing in its introduction. Sure, it will be curious to see more Spider-People cross paths and battle the Inheritors. However, I hope we get more insight into the overarching plot. I felt as though the issue glossed over the Inheritors’ role. As a result, we still aren’t totally aware of where this story is going.

With this, I hope that the series’ narrative does not hold back in fleshing out all the characters it will inevitably include. I hope that it builds its foundation for the movement of the series. It is easy to render a story of this magnitude as a crowded one. Thus, I hope SPIDER-GEDDON finds balance and cohesion, so it does not feel chaotic and, ultimately, one-dimensional.

spider-geddon #0
SPIDER-GEDDON #0 page 3. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of SPIDER-GEDDON #0

The artwork from Clayton Crain, Javier Garrón, and Israel Silva is this issue’s strongest and most consistent aspect. That first shot of Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man swinging through the city is so multi-faceted. Spider-Man himself, from the form of his body to the colors of his costume, is flowing with detail.

Also, I always admire artists who give the issue’s settings a dynamic energy. SPIDER-GEDDON #0 does just that. The settings are immersive and engage us in this particular Spider-Man’s world. We can easily note the dimensions of the buildings, which contributes to the intensification of the issue’s artwork. Also, the actions sequences are incredibly well-developed by the artistic team.

I particularly enjoy the panel that depicts Spider-Man apprehending Tarantula with his electric webs. The webs literally maintain their own electricity that really brings the action of that sequence to life. So, though SPIDER-GEDDON #0 falls short in its narrative, its art is undoubtedly impressive.

I hope this aspect remains a consistent quality of SPIDER-GEDDON because if it does, many more gorgeous panels lie ahead.

spider-geddon #0
SPIDER-GEDDON #0 page 4. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

What Lies Beyond

SPIDER-GEDDON #0 brings a rocky start to a highly-anticipated series. Sure, it is fun to see Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man emerge in the comic book medium. It is also exciting to see some follow-up to the content of the game itself. However, I am apprehensive to see where SPIDER-GEDDON’s arc goes.

The introduction to the Inheritors was incredibly minor in this issue. So, I definitely hope upcoming issues will develop their role more. I also hope the next issues will maintain the humorous tones this issue presents because that was one of the stronger points of this work alongside its artwork.

Now, I am also apprehensive about the inclusion of all the Spider-People that will most likely appear in this series. I hope the characterization of these superheroes doesn’t falter in the commotion of bringing them all together.

Of course, many issues lie ahead and much remains to be seen.

All we do know though is that Spider-Geddon is upon us!

SPIDER-GEDDON #0 by Christos Gage, Clayton Crain, Jed MacKay, Javier Garron, & Israel Silva
SPIDER-GEDDON #0 excites with its reunion of Spider-People. However, it falls short in establishing a strong start to the series' story.
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