SIDEWAYS #3 by Kenneth Rocafort, Dan Didio, Justin Jordan, and Daniel Brown
SIDEWAYS #3 by Kenneth Rocafort, Dan Didio, Justin Jordan, and Daniel Brown features great art amidst killer action and characterization!
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Fast and Engaging!

SIDEWAYS #3 by Kenneth Rocafort, Dan Didio, Justin Jordan, and Daniel Brown continues with Sideways facing off against Killspeed. The creative team maintains their momentum this week with an issue featuring action, humor, and heart. The art is a big draw as always, with plenty of action to keep the senses tingling.

SIDEWAYS #3 Page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Full Speed Ahead in SIDEWAYS #3

The issue continues where we left off the last issue. Derek AKA Sideways is in the hospital due to adventuring and falling a great distance. He meets another metahuman by the name of Killspeed who is at the hospital for treatments but she is angry and determined to take it out on anyone. Sideways and Killspeed have a pretty major battle across the city. The action gives us a chance to see more of Sideways’ powers. Derek manages to subdue Killspeed and escape, only for another ominous threat to take notice of him. Furthermore, we get a fun backup story retelling us the origin of Sideways with a possible teaser of the future!

Everything’s Connected

I’ve expressed my appreciation of writers using continuity of other books before and that trend continues in SIDEWAYS #3. We find out through Killspeed’s backstory that she received her powers by a cosmic storm that happened in THE FLASH “Lightning Strikes Twice.” When we met her last issue, I incorrectly assumed she received her powers the same way Derek did. I’m glad the writers decided to forgo that commonly used coincidence. Having her powers come from another character helps tie Sideways further into the DC Universe.

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Killspeed received good characterization this issue. She is broke and has a terminal illness. She is then given the ability to get (steal) money and her powers make things worse. The tragedy of her character is that she is overcome by grief and anger and as a result wants to hurt others.

SIDEWAYS #3 Page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Stepping Out With Sideways

Similarly, Derek gets some great characterization this issue. At the start, he checks on his mother and friend before engaging Killspeed. It’s a small detail but some heroes tend to act first without checking on anyone in the vicinity. Likewise, when Derek fights Killspeed, he uses his rifts in new ways, such as acting as a shield and using several of them to locate Killspeed. The biggest shock for both Sideways and the reader is at the end of the fight when Sideways is leaving Killspeed with the police. He ends up closing a rift and accidentally cutting off her arm. It’s a gory reminder that Derek is brand new to this and doesn’t really know what he’s doing all the time. I’m sure this action will haunt him for future issues to come.

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Origin Story

The issue has a wonderful backup story retelling us the events of Derek and Sideways. It’s told with different scenes so it doesn’t feel like a rehashing of the first issue. I’m not sure why the creative team decided to do a retelling of Derek’s origin story, but it reminded me of when Spider-Man debuted, having fun side stories the first few issues.  There is also a possible hint that we may see a “Dark Knight Sideways.” I hope we do.

SIDEWAYS #3 Page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Kenneth Rocafort’s art continues to astound. The main story contains the most action the series has seen to date, with multiple rifts opened at once. My favorite piece was the backup story which showed Derek stepping into a rift and becoming Sideways. It should be a poster. Daniel Brown’s colors make the art pop, with Killspeed having an 80’s color scheme about her.

‘Til Next Time

SIDEWAYS #3 picks up the action this week. It gives us a sympathetic villain and gives Derek the opportunity to grow as a person along with his powers. The art and colors continue to shine, with multiple splash pages. There is an amusing backup story that feels like a throwback to the Golden age of comics. I personally would love to see this continue every few issues as it embraces its comic book roots.

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