How much do we know about Sony’s VENOM, the first Spider-Man spin-off film? We’ll make some educated guesses as to what we can expect from the story and characters. Also, we’ll talk about the likelihood of Tom Hardy’s mixtape from the 90s being featured! (Probably not, but wouldn’t that be cool?!). Anyway, let’s jump right into where Sony’s VENOM stands!

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A Brief History of Venom

Venom’s comic origins first began in 1984 during Marvel’s original Secret Wars event When Spider-Man finds a mysterious black substance in space, it covers his body giving him a new black and white suit. After taking it back to Earth, Peter then realizes the dangers of the suit and its adverse effect on him. He gets rid of the symbiotic substance in a church bell tower, and the substance falls into the hands of none other than Eddie Brock.

Sony's VENOM

Brock, a disgraced journalist who blames Spider-Man for his troubles, merges with the substance and together they become Venom, one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes. Due to it’s bonding with Peter, the symbiote grants Brock with similar abilities, as well as organic webbing and immunity to Peter’s spider-sense. While the symbiote’s host has changed over the years in the comics, Brock is the most well-known.  Over time, Venom’s morality has shifted. Sometimes he is an evil monster, and others he’s more of an anti-hero.

Sony’s Previous Attempts

Sony has been trying to get a Sony’s VENOM spin-off movie off the ground ever since Sam Raimi’s SPIDER-MAN 3. In it, Topher Grace plays Eddie Brock and fails to be intimidating. Venom receives little screen time, doesn’t look quite right, and feels crammed into a film that already has two villains.  While a Sony’s Venom spin-off was planned, the poor reception to Venom and the entire film canceled those plans.

VENOM INC: Spider-Man and Venom Team-Up in Epic Crossover

While producing Sony’s second Spider-Man reboot, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN films, another Venom spin-off was planned and put in development…but got canceled due to the poor reception of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. Now, Sony’s clean slate for a new Spider-Verse gives them another chance with a third Spider-Man that fans universally love. Hopefully, Sony’s VENOM will get the same appreciation.  Here are answers to some of the biggest questions people might have about the film.

The Cast? Venom vs. Carnage? What about Peter?

Sony's VENOM

As of now, we know that Tom Hardy will star as Eddie Brock/Venom.  Hardy seems perfect for the role, due to his past DC villain role as Bane in the Dark Knight trilogy. Hardy usually plays serious and intense characters; so, he could pull off an anti-hero like Venom. Michelle Williams will star as Anne Weying who is Brock’s ex-wife in the comics. Riz Ahmed will also star, although his role is still a rumor. The most popular one is that he will play Cletus Kasady A.K.A., Carnage, the rival symbiote spawn of Venom.

Another popular rumor, coming from Jon Schnepp on Collider, makes the claim that Tom Holland will be in the VENOM movie, although probably just as Peter Parker without the Spider suit, and most likely in an extended cameo-type role. Many have said that it would be hard to do a VENOM movie without Spider-Man in it to some degree.

The symbiote’s whole appearance is based on Spider-Man, as Peter was the first to wear the symbiote in the comics. Hopefully, this rumor is true. To have Venom’s appearance accurate to the comics, Peter will need to be involved and referenced in some way.

Sony's VENOM

The Plot? The Life Foundation

Thanks to Comic-Con Experience 2017 in Brazil, we have some information about the plot. Courtesy of a video message from director Ruben Fleischer and Tom Hardy, Hardy confirms that the film’s plot will take place in San Francisco. He also says that the scheme will be based in part on the “Lethal Protector” storyline.

The “Lethal Protector” storyline deals with a company known as the Life Foundation. They try to capture Venom to study it.  In doing so, they create five new symbiote characters.  The prevailing theory is that the Life Foundation will be responsible for the creation of Carnage.

Another confirmation that the Life Foundation will be present in VENOM comes from a recent set photo of Hardy as Brock.  In the photo, Brock is holding a notebook opened to a page with writing.  Upon closer inspection, a question is written: “How exactly does the Life Foundation test its pharmaceuticals?”

Sony's VENOM

Wait…What Universe Is Sony’s VENOM In?

As of right now this question is complex.  As soon as the VENOM movie was announced, the immediate response from fans was wondering whether or not Venom will be part of the MCU. Even more complicated, while Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said he would not be a part of the MCU, Sony head Amy Pascal said he and other Sony spin-off characters would! Later on, they both came together and denied that Venom would be a part of the MCU. Now, with recent rumors of Peter Parker’s appearance, many believe the final ruling is still up in the air.

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What Will Sony’s VENOM Look Like?

Tom Hardy will be doing motion capture for when Eddie and the symbiote become Venom.  Hopefully, as previously stated, Venom will look as he does in the classic comics, based on Spider-Man, with sharp teeth and long tongue included. Venom has undergone several changes in the comics over the last few years with the host Flash Thompson (Agent Venom/Cosmic Venom), but this classic look is the one I’m sure most fans are looking for.

The limited promo art that has released seems to depict this classic look, but only time will tell.  This would be a smart move, in my opinion, given Sony’s past failure with Topher Grace.  Now is not the time for a bold new look.

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VENOM releases on October 5th starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, and Riz Ahmed.  

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