The year is 2045 – where it no longer snows. From the creators of GREAT PACIFIC, writer Joe Harris and artist Martín Morazzo reunite for an all-new ongoing science-fiction series SNOWFALL. Here’s what they had to say about  the series.

“With Snowfall, we’re presenting a 21st century America in which the climate has gone completely to shit and where fully recognized corporate personhood and control isn’t just accepted, but necessary. The time for industry forces lying about the effects of climate change have long passed,” said Harris. “They’ve moved on to profiting mightily from managing the fallout now. The haves enjoy the resources to mitigate the damage while the have-nots suffer the effects more acutely, living in these resettlement zones that are jointly administered by those same corporate forces with their fingerprints all over the crash. And it’s against this backdrop that resistance takes place. It isn’t clean, pretty or neat. Sometimes, we’re going to see, it’s not even that noble a fight. But desperation makes men do desperate things. This is a series with plenty of sci-fi action, ‘mad scientist’ manipulations and schemes, and a protagonist who may—or may not—be the greatest super-villain in history, depending on who writes it. It’s a story about humanity seeking dominion over forces beyond its control, the inevitable backlash, and the desperate attempt to reclaim, rebuild and redeem.”

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Morazzo added: “As we strove to do with Great Pacific, this new series presents a visually unique world where environmental catastrophe meets science fiction adventure. The look and feel for 2045 is both bleak and beautiful and filled with both dread and promise all at once. I am incredibly proud of this work!”

In SNOWFALL #1, readers are introduced to a future where the climate has been damaged by a catastrophic crash. Society breaks down amidst this upheaval, and the “Cooperative States of America” emerges, run by the Hazeltyne Corporation. But even amidst this bleakness, there lies hope. One man who can wield the forces of nature as weapons to combat the system. He is known as the White Wizard. But is he a hero, or a terrorist?

Image have embraced the sci-fi genre like no other, producing hit after hit of comic greatness like DESCENDER, TOKYO GHOST, INVISIBLE REPUBLIC, to name but a few. With an intriguing premise and dazzling art SNOWFALL has all the markings of a science fiction classic.

SNOWFALL #1 (Diamond Code DEC150539) will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, February 17th. The final order cutoff deadline for comic book retailers is Monday, January 25th.

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