simone graves interview

Simon Graves, a contemporary writer in horror, sci-fi and fantasy, talks about the genres he loves and how he wants to bring diversity in his storytelling. While many would cower and hide from seminal horror films like Nightmare on Elm Street, Simon found the emotional and narrative strengths in the storytelling in a horrific scenario far more compelling. With those ghoulish and frightening images in his mind, he’s created his own unique horror story collection with a modern twist, FIND’M. His book collects several stories regarding different characters’ experience with the fictional Grindr-esque app, Find’m, with grisly outcomes. Although Simon assures us that none of the stories are personal anecdotes, his appreciation for characters finding strength against an ultimate fear–a theme typical in the horror and sci-fi genres–is very clear in both conversation and writing.

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While horror and sci-fi are not necessarily genres for everyone, his enthusiasm for them is relatable to every and anyone! Similarly, FIND’M appears to be a collection of well-told, hyperbolic stories that people can relate to rather than something genre-specific. Meaning, Simon finds it more important to be a good storyteller in his writing than necessarily prescribing to one particular genre trope. In a world in which many stories in many different platforms begin to feel redundant, repetitive, or reductive, Simon is one of many creatives that is actively trying to produce original and quality work. So while Simon’s more recent work has been more of the horror/thriller persuasion, he hopes to dive into something new for his next project. His work is available on Amazon and has rave reviews on Goodreads, so if you’re enticed by horror, sci-fi, or just good ol’ storytelling, you’ll find it in spades with Simon Graves’ work. Check out our fun conversation about storytelling, horror, and our shared love of STRANGER THINGS!

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