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I’m not afraid to admit that SILVER SURFER #3 gave me all the feels. All of them. I’ve been reading this book from its first volume, and it has never failed to impress or entertain me. It’s pure joy, wrapped up in optimism and topped off with the most gorgeous art this side of the galaxy. I was never the biggest fan of the Silver Surfer before, perceiving him as a secondary character, more akin to a plot point in a Fantastic Four comic than someone who could carry their own book. Dan Slott with Michael and Laura Allred have proved me wrong again and again with stunning visuals, a rainbow of color, and a story full of the fantastic.

Silver Surfer

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Reading SILVER SURFER #3 felt like being back in the age of Marvel Comics when Stan and Jack were cranking out some of the most amazing stories to ever grace the comic book stand. The playful nods to that era in this issue were exciting for someone who loves classic Marvel as much as myself (having the Surfer mutter “What a…revolting development” filled me with giddy joy). Yet it never feels like it’s been self referential for the sake of it and flows easily into the story the creative team is telling.

And what a story! The Surfer’s first love, Shalla Bal, has come to turn Earth into a modern Zenn-La. She offers peace and health, only asking us to sacrifice our very culture in return. It proves to be a difficult fight as some people want this new life and for very good reason. But is the price too high to pay? Would you give up every poem, every song, every story you’ve ever heard to walk again? To see again?

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Silver Surfer

Slott lays it all out, giving us a story where love can make the Thing fight mind control, and a blind woman can turn down the gift of sight because the gift of art is more important. The Surfer fights against Shalla with an energy and gusto that can only be drawn and colored by the Allreds. It’s a psychedelic eye popping experience with color bursting from the seams. My favorite panel (in a sea of amazing art) is the first splash page when the Surfer answers Shalla Bal’s demand for compliance. He raises his arms in defiance yelling “I stand with Earth”. If the mini fist pump was created for anything, it was for this moment. But it’s not just the Surfer that has his moment. Each character wears their heart on their sleeves and every action they make rings through. It adds weight and honesty to the reading experience. Alicia Masters’s speech about art and her need for it is direct, to the point, and beautifully written.

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Without going any more into plot details, it’s resolved at a very personal cost (though slightly ruined by the ‘You Want To Know What Happens Next?’ preview of issue 4 on the next page). SILVER SURFER #3 is the perfect closing chapter on the Surfer’s 50 year anniversary, yet opens up potential for another 50 years of great storytelling. Any chance Slott and the Allreds can stick around for that long?

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